Different Little Fan Fictions

These are just little fan fictions about One Direction! Enjoy!


2. #2

                  It was a cold winter day, so you decided to go to Starbucks. When you walked inside and got a cappucino. You sat down and went on Twitter on your iPhone. After about fifteen minutes, you got up to throw out the rest of your cold cappucino. When you were walking, someone bumped into you, causing you to spill your coffee all over your jacket. "Oh! I'm so sorry! Here, let me help!" he said as he got you some napkins. "Here." he said, looking into your eyes. "I'm Louis. What's your name?" he asked. "(Y/N)." he smiled. "Hello, (Y/N)." "Hi." After you cleaned up, you headed for the door. "Wait!" yelled Louis. You turned around. "Can I have your number? I'd love to talk more." You smiled and gave him your number.

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