Best Friends Or Soul Mates?

Marissa was just a normal girl,who's bestfriend was Harry Styles. She starts getting feels about him,but thinks he doesn't feel the same way. Will this end their friendship? (BTW this is my first book so I hope you like it!)


7. The accident

Marissas POV:

 "Hey babe, I'm gonna go out to the store." Harry said. We've been dating almost 3 weeks now! "Okay babe, be safe. It's raining pretty hard out there" I warned him. "I'll be fine. I promise." He said before he kissed my forehead and walked out the door. It was just Louis and I at the house, so it wasn't as boring as being alone. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw that it was Harry. "Hey!" I exclaimed. "Hey babe, it might be a little late when I get home. Is that okay?" He asked. "Sure th-" I was cut off by Harry. "Uh oh, uh oh. Not good." He exclaimed. "Harry what's wrong?" I yelled. "My brakes quit working!" He yelled. "Okay Harry, just try to get back on the road." I told him.  Next thing I heard was him screaming and a loud crash. I screamed at him through the phone, trying to see if he was okay. "Harry?HARRY!" I yelled. I screamed bloody murder. Louis ran to  my side. "Marissa what's wrong?" He asked. "H-Harry's b-been in a c-car c-crash" I sobbed. "Call 911" he demanded me. I immediately dialed. "911 what's your emergency?" The operator asked. "Ma'am, my boyfriends brakes quit working and he crashed and I have no idea where he is!" I sobbed. "Okay ma'am whats your boyfriends name?" She asked. "My boyfriend is Harry Styles." I told her. She just laughed. Does she think this is a joke? Louis snatched the phone out of my hands. "Listen here lady, my bestfriends out there without help. I will personally come and slap you. Now go get some help!" He demanded before hanging up. I grabbed my keys and ran to my car. "Call the rest of the boys." I demanded. We had been driving when we passed a car that was smashed on the side of the road. It was Harrys. I couldn't hold in my tears anymore. I just burst out in tears. "Marissa. He'll be fine, I promise." Louis assured me. "But what if he's not? I'm not just going to sit there and watch my boyfriend die!" I said through sobs. We pulled up to the hospital just to find them rushing Harry out if the ambulance. "Ma'am, he's unconscious, but he should be okay." The doctor assured me. I saw them rush him into a room and examine his cuts. I ran in the waiting room and pressed my face against the cold glass window. It was one of those windows were you could see the person, but they couldn't see you.  "Mrs. Hamlin, would you like to see him?" The doctor asked me. I tried to collect my emotions. "Yes. Thank you" I said while entering his room. "Welcome." She said before shutting the door. He looked really bad, cuts and bruises everywhere. They must have been from the glass. I pulled out a chair and sat beside him. He had a oxygen mask on. He was to sore to move probably, so he just looked at me. "Marissa." He whispered. "I'm right here babe. I won't leave, I promise." We were interrupted by the nurse. "Mr. Styles, were going to look at your cuts okay? Now, I'm going to put a anesthetic in, and it might burn a little." She warned him. He turned his head to look at me. "Hold my hand,please." He begged. I could tell he was in a lot of pain,so I took his hand. "I'm going to count to 10, then we'll move to the next wound okay?" The nurse warned him again. He just nodded at her. "Okay 1,2,3....." She counted. A tear of pain rolled down his cheek as he gripped on my hand. "It's okay babe, your going to be okay." I promised him. "Okay, next one." The nurse stated.

Harry's POV:

Pain shot through my leg as the nurse shot the pain killer in my cut. I know it's supposed to help, but it just made it even worse. I bit my lip so I wouldn't cry, but I couldn't hold my tears in. I just let them pour out. I felt a hand wipe them away, then I noticed it was Marissa. She had stayed by my side the whole time, just like she promised. That's the only thing I want in a girl, one who's loyal and never breaks a promise. She bent down to kiss my forehead. "You're all done babe! You made it through!" She told me. Finally, my torture was over.

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