Best Friends Or Soul Mates?

Marissa was just a normal girl,who's bestfriend was Harry Styles. She starts getting feels about him,but thinks he doesn't feel the same way. Will this end their friendship? (BTW this is my first book so I hope you like it!)


1. Getting to know Marissa

.*Marissas POV* 
Harry Styles,he was my bestfriend. Well,he was more like a big brother. It's pretty cool having a bestfriend who's famous. I miss him a lot,but when he's back in the UK, I usually go to his moms house and stay with him for awhile. The good thing about having a famous bestfriend i,n the most famous boyband is that you become popular really easy. The bad thing is,the papparazzo find you anywhere you go with them

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my ringtone for Harry play. "Hello?" I asked "Marissa! I've got a huge surprise for you!" He replied. "Really? What is it!" I squealed. "It's a surprise! Now, go and make yourself pretty" he responded before he hung up. I ran into the bathroom to get freshened up, when I noticed my picture of Harry on the counter. It was a picture of him and I when we were young. He has the same smile now. My thoughts were once again interrupted by my phone buzzing because of a text. Just some stupid contest from a number I didn't even know. I finally got in the shower and washed my dark brown hair. I always wanted to dye my hair blonde when I was young because it was so dull, but now I've learned to accept it. I stepped out of the shower and ran to the corner to turn my heater on. "Hmm, what to wear?" I said to myself before picking out a white top and blue pants. After I put those on, I curled my hair and put make up on. I looked at my green eyes.  Again, they were another thing I wanted to change when I was little,but I learned to accept them also. I always heard people asking Harry and I if we were twins, and I didn't understand them then,but I do now. We both have dark brown hair,fair skin,and green eyes. I was lying around when I heard someone open our front door. "Mom?" I whispered as I stepped out of my room. I saw curls, and immediately new it was Harry. "Harry!" I yelled as I engulfed him in a hug. "Marissa! I've missed my twin." He said as he kissed my forehead."How is being famous?" I asked."Pretty good. The lads and I have a house together now" he exclaimed. I've met the boys before, but don't see them alot.  "So, are we going to your house?" I asked "Well,the lads and I bought a house together,so we'll be staying there. Is that okay?" He questioned "Yeah. I just hope the boys will like me" I sighed. He looked at me and said "Don't worry,they'll love you" he said giving me a kiss on the cheek." Thanks Haz. Hey I've gotta step out for a second,I need to phone my mum if that's okay." I asked him. "Sure" he replied. I ran upstairs and grabbed my iPhone. I always had my mum on speed dial incase of an emergency. "Hey mum, can I stay with Harry for a while? He's back home now!" I exclaimed. "Really? That's great!"she exclaimed. "Yeah. So can I go?" I asked. "Of course! Just as long as that's okay with Anne." She said. I've known Harry and Anne for as long as I can remember. "She won't mind mom, I'm like her second daughter!" I exclaimed. It's true. Anne was like my second mom. She was always there for me when my mom was away,or when we were in a bad time. "Okay. Just be safe." She sighed. "I will. Harry wouldn't dare hurt me and you know that!" I exclaimed. "I know. Just be 
safe. Love you"she said. "Love you too. Bye" I said before hanging up on her. I grabbed just random clothes and other accessories. "Ready?" He asked. "Yep!" I said cheerfully. "Here I got these" he said grabbing my bags. I couldn't help but notice how nice he looked,God he looked cute. Wait, did I just call my bestfriend cute?!?!

Harrys POV: 
I ran outside putting her bags in the boot,trying not to throw them around. 
I've missed Marissa a lot,but she looks so different! I started to get a weird feeling in my stomach,the kind you get when you are in love. I couldn't be in love with Marrisa! Everyone used to say how cute we would look as a couple,but she said we would always be friends. Great, I was friend zoned forever.

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