Best Friends Or Soul Mates?

Marissa was just a normal girl,who's bestfriend was Harry Styles. She starts getting feels about him,but thinks he doesn't feel the same way. Will this end their friendship? (BTW this is my first book so I hope you like it!)


6. At the meeting

Marissas POV:
"Come with me." Simon told Harry pulling to a more 'private' place.I pressed my ear up to the door so I could hear them."You're late" I heard Simon yell at Harry. "I'm sorry sir" Harry mumbled in apology. I knew Simon could be harsh, ybut not like this. "I thought I told you no more being late!" Simon yelled at him. "Harry, one more time being late, and there will be no more tour for One Direction." He added. "Yes sir." He said. I could hear his voice cracking. He walked out of the room with tears streaming down his face. "Harry, this is all my fault" I told him. "No it's not Marissa. Now, we have to go to a meeting" he told me. "What for?" I asked. "Niall and his girlfriend are official, so they want to tell the media. We always have meetings for things like that" he stated. "Okay" I simply said. I'm really happy Nialls found a girl for him. I hope she treats him good. "Finally!" Louis said as we waked through the door. All the boys girlfriends were there, and I'm guessing the one sitting beside Niall was Amber. There were two empty seats next to her, so I begged Harry to come with me and sit beside her. After I finally one that battle, I dropped my purse on the ground beside my chair. "Hi, I'm Marissa!" I told her. "Hi Marissa! I'm Amber." She replied. "So, how's Niall?" I asked. "Um.... The best boyfriend ever!" She exclaimed. "Not to be too personal but, who's girlfriend are you?" She added. "Well, I'm Harry's girlfriend I guess. We've only went out on one date, but we've kissed." I explained
Harry's POV:
She said she was MY girlfriend. I was HER boyfriend. I can't believe this is happening. During the entire meeting I was thinking about her. I didn't notice I was in a daze until Louis waved his hand infront of my face. "Harry, you okay?" He asked. "Yep I'm okay." I replied."Thinking about Marissa huh?" He asked. "Yeah. Wait how did you know?" I  "Okay boys,and girls, the meeting is dismissed" Simon stated. I ran to catch up with Marissa. "So, Marissa, want to continue our date?" I asked. "Thanks Harry, but I'm really tired." She yawned. It was almost 5, she did look tired too. "Okay love, you just go and get some sleep. In fact, I'll carry you to the car" I insisted. "Thank you babe" she said. I picked her up bridal style as she hung her arms around my neck. I set her down gently in the passenger seat. She looked as she could fall asleep any second. As we pulled up to our house, I looked over to see Marissa asleep in the seat. I got out of the car  and shut the door quietly, trying not to wake her. I picked her up bridal style again, and she immediately wrapped her arms around my neck. It was almost as an instinct. Who knows, maybe I will be carrying her home like this on our wedding day.

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