... LOG8: The Autobiography of a Dying world <ACCESS?>
(for the sci-fi competition)


4. LOG8: The Autobiography of a Dying World


     I think to myself about the information that I had been storing for years now; it's all so... so dismaying. Roughly, it's been twenty-five and a half years since I've had any contact with anyone on the outside. According to the data, I have also lost far too many friends, more than what I can count. It has never been my wish, nor can I think of a man who would ever wish such a thing. However personally, I never thought that I would even have been here now, but looking back: I wish I never had. At first, I considered myself lucky, but now I stand and watch the relentless execution continue. I guess now you, assuming that anyone will ever recover this for reading, are wondering why a knife sits to my right and that I don't just end it now.  LEGACY. I am here but to leave a legacy... an inheritance to you. No, I do not leave you with untold riches, or bottomless pockets of relics, but the history... No no, more properly stated, "the autobiography" of a dying world.

     When it was first declared that thermonuclear warfare was going to be used by a nation to suppress one of its neighbors, the world was then divided into two parts. Hatred had already been swelled between many nations, and so it was a perfect excuse to take part in the war and choose opposing sides to vent your anger that was growing inside. Though even with their promises, it can be said that, at this time, a nations' promise to another was only intended to be broken later on. I've seen many, far too many, fall to this fate... this cruel fate of being stabbed by a knife in the back. There was no peace, no treaties, but only death and deception and rejoice for the fall of your own brother!

     Even I took part of this unforgivable act. I remember watching the missiles fly overhead and above the soil of my own nation with my arms raised high and shouting as they passed by. I knew they were targeted to eliminate the neighboring country, who we once so proudly embraced as if they were our own, but did it matter? I was going to live, and that's all I could focus on right now. Unfortunately, we had not yet thought of the consequences to follow, and how foolish of our nation to do so! Or perhaps the leaders had thought of the consequences, but they knew that they would be safe while they hid behind a screen far below the surface.

     In retaliation, not out of hatred or enmity, the neighboring country had launched their own missiles. I stand firm when I say: "I had never come across a moment in my life when I could truly know this: I could not blame them." Technology had helped us to stop a portion of the incoming thermonuclear missiles, but only those that were targeted for our own missile bases. To our own nation, we were the grunts and the leaders were the brutes. After all, they absolutely felt like they needed to wipe them off the face of the earth. Though, I don't know how they could sit and discuss the upcoming deaths of countless more.

      In just one day, my programmed limit of 250 million lost connections was exceeded. With this in mind, tt took merely minutes to almost decimate the entire country. After this, the date and days didn't really seem to matter anymore. I remember how long ago it was when my closest friend died, but I cannot recall the year. As I walked down into my poor excuse for a bunker my eyes widened when I saw that the threat level had increased to ten. It was normal to have it five for the majority of the time when this war had begun, but for nearly a year it stayed constantly at ten.

     Often times throughout this year, which I am now surprised I survived through, I would be woken by the shaking of the ground. Miles away, the quake of a downed missile could be felt, but miles away, you could almost feel the grieving of the souls that were no more. The pain was nearly unbearable, but once you have been close acquaintances with death for so long, it just went away.

     I know not what keeps me here, today, but I do know that the worst has yet to come. It is the silence before the storm, and the nations are making final preparations for the destruction of this world... of what no one can perceive as our world. In my years that I have spent, I can only hope that the knife, which lies in front of me now, will serve its purpose before the nuclear radiation seeps its way through my barriers. I know it's only a matter of time, and as I turn to my left looking at the closet that once was filled with canned goods, I see that I will face one of these fates. Every day and every hour I lose, and I will never be able to gain them back.

     Is it a waste to stay and write my experiences? I fear that it may be... for I had already spoken of my lost wife who died from a sickness in here. Her body still decays and every now and then I can smell the stench of death. I had lost my friends and my family years ago, but now I have lost myself. What good will this even do; what hope is there anymore?

     I take a deep breath now and prepare, for the worst is coming. Looking at the the current threat level, it is now eleven, and I remember programming it to show eleven only in the case where all nations have launched their missiles. My death is clear now, and yet I still have to find myself. My life is in the deck of cards now... I must wait for it to be drawn.

     Unfortunately, the leaders of the nations, including my own, forgot that it is the people who make a nation, and not to be confused with the few who are leaders. Who then are they to lead? Who then is to make the nation? I know that they did not forget this fact. It is that they had become so blinded that they sought only to destroy others, even at the cost of their own lives. The earth is now known as ground zero, and hope does not exist anymore. Corruption has so rid the world of its generosity that the only hope left is that it's over soon. The ground shakes, and the card has be drawn...>

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