The Dare

Ally Waters has a hard enough life as it is: her mother is married to an abusive stepfather who makes her twin brothers beat her everyday to get a kick out of it, her real father is dead, and she has a scar going down the right side of her face her stepfather gave her. But what happens when former boy group member, Niall Horan, shows up into her life? Will she find the courage to save herself or just lose all her faith?

**for mature readers only


4. Why did I go home?

With no where else to go and with no one else to hang out with after Niall showed up, I had no other choice to go home. As I walked, I noticed that my brother's trucks were gone meaning that I would be home alone for awhile which might seem bad but for me, it was. Being in the house sent chills down my body. It had so many memoirs I just couldn't stand it.


I unlocked the door and stepped inside the seemingly normal looking one story house on the outside but the inside help another story. It was a pit. Full of beer cans and food, the smell made my nose hairs burn. I locked the door behind me then walked through the gross house. My mom and stepdad must have still been at work.


I walked into my bedroom and my worst nightmare was there: my stepdad. He looked up at me which sent even more chills down my body. He couldn't be here right now. He was suppose to be at work, his car was gone. He sat on my bed with his oversized stomach sticking out and a beer can in his hand. I watched his brown eyes as he gulped the last of the substance down then wipe the drips from his lips.


"Ally, Ally, Ally." He said as he crushed the can.


I was frozen. He stood up then paced around me. I could feel his fingers along my spine and in my short hair. He faced me with his mouth open and the smell of beer on this breath. I closed my eyes only making him mad.


I felt a sting on my face as I braced the cold hard ground. He slapped me. I felt tears swell up in my eyes but I didn't dare cry. It would only make it more fun for him. I sat myself up but didn't dare stand up again only knowing that I would be hit over and over again.


"Oh Ally." He said as he pushed his package in my face and brushed his finger in my hair. I wanted to cry now. I knew what was going to happen next. I always got away from him trying to have sex with me but I never got away from the oral part. I could feel the tears coming down now as I heard him unzip his pants.


He grabbed me by the top of my hair and pushed my face into his unzipped pants. I wouldn't open my mouth. I wouldn't dare to, not until he pulled on my hair trying to make me scream. I didn't this time though. He got even more mad and tossed my head back. His eyes were full of hate.


"Not in the mood Ally? Well that's too fucking bad!" He screamed throwing back my head once more. I shut my eyes tight trying not to think about it as his free hand came back and punched me right in my jaw. I didn't whimper as he did it once more. He let go of my hair making my head hit the floor. I kept my eyes closed as I heard him zip up his pants then exit the room in a pissed off mood. I listened for awhile until I heard the front door lock and heard him as he walked down the drive. Then I let myself cry. I stumbled off the floor trying to find my cell Lucas gave to me just in case this happened again. I let out a cry before I called out his number, trying to being myself together. Why did I go home? 

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