The Dare

Ally Waters has a hard enough life as it is: her mother is married to an abusive stepfather who makes her twin brothers beat her everyday to get a kick out of it, her real father is dead, and she has a scar going down the right side of her face her stepfather gave her. But what happens when former boy group member, Niall Horan, shows up into her life? Will she find the courage to save herself or just lose all her faith?

**for mature readers only


2. The Dare

Niall's P.O.V.

The band broke up for many reason but the number one was because everyone was ready for their solo moments, besides me. When we split, I decided to take a year off and move to this small town in Florida, why you may ask? I don't know. I thought it would be nice plus I have some friends down here.


It was a sunny day as I walked in from the beach into a little shop where I was suppose to meet my friends. I shook out my wet hair then walked in smiling at them. Victoria smiled at me with her freshly glossed red lips then pulled me into a hug. Amber was next with her wild brown curls and shapely body. I gave a man hugs to my mates Rick, Austin, and Joe.


"What's up my man?" Joe said bring me in.


My accent slipped out making Amber swoon, "Not much mate!"


The girls giggled then stopped all of a sudden when they saw two girls and a guy walk in. One of the girls had thick jet black hair that was straighter then straight, she had pale green eyes, and the palest skin for a girl who lives here. The guy had thick black glasses, a choppy uneven hair if he had done it himself, and was very tall and lean. Then my eyes fell on the other girl.


The other girl had short, thick sun kissed blonde hair. She wore it in light curls framing her face to perfection. She was a good height for a girl and very thin. She lacked boobs but made up for it with her nice looking bum. Her eyes were the color of a dark grey storm, her lips the color of pale pink roses, and had cute freckles around her dimpled cheeks. Then she turned her head showing a scar descending from her eyebrow to her cheek bones that didn't poke out like some girls. The scar was deep and almost looked new as of it just healed leaving that ugly thing on such a pretty girl.


Her eyes met mine for a couple of seconds then she turned away to look at a necklace the other girl was holding up.


"Who's that?" I asked looking away.


Amber snorted, "The black haired girl is Eve Tanner, the boy is John Luke, and the girl with the massive scar is Ally Waters."


I looked back at the girl named Ally. She was smiling and laughing. She looked happy but not happy at the same time. It was hard to explain. She rubbed her long tee and adjusted her pants. It was so hot outside and she dressed like it was winter.


"They are all weirdo's man, mostly Ally. She's a lost case." Austin laughed.


Everyone joined his laughter but me. She didn't look like a lost case to me. She looked really... Pretty to be honest. Her smile gave off this warmth I couldn't describe even if I wanted to. I looked away from her trying not to freak her out.


"Dude, are you blushing?" Joe laughed making Amber's grin turn into a frown.


"Nah man." I say feeling the heat rise to my cheeks.


A smirk crossed Rick's lips, "I feel a dare coming on fellas."


Joe nodded, "I dare you, Niall, to befriend Ally for the whole year. If you can get that chick in your pants by the end then I will run across the school naked and if you don't then you have to do it."


"Wait? What?" I asked confused.


"Every girl in the school isn't your innocent girls, even Eve over there but the only person who hasn't done it, is Ally Waters. If you can get in her pants man, then you will have my respect." Joe said.


He held out his hand and without even thinking, I shook it agreeing to ruin this poor girls life just so I can be popular for a freaking year. I'm an idiot.


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