The Dare

Ally Waters has a hard enough life as it is: her mother is married to an abusive stepfather who makes her twin brothers beat her everyday to get a kick out of it, her real father is dead, and she has a scar going down the right side of her face her stepfather gave her. But what happens when former boy group member, Niall Horan, shows up into her life? Will she find the courage to save herself or just lose all her faith?

**for mature readers only


5. Lucas

Niall's P.O.V.

She took off before I could even have a word with her. I tried my best to follow her but she was gone like a ninja or something. This maybe harder than I thought. Most girls just fall all over me like her friend Eve. I could tell Ally was different and I needed, not wanted, needed to get to know her. I needed to find out what made her so different .


I walked back to the house I was staying at with a friend named Lucas Fairwood. He was close to the family and was like an uncle to me. He lived in a nice, small beach home with a kickass view that was amazing to wake up to in the mornings.


I reached the house to see Lucas on the phone. He took off his sliver rimmed glasses and pitched his nose with a look I have never seen before on his face. I opened the screen door making him jump. He looked at me and finished saying into the phone, "You're staying here tonight Ally, I will see you in ten minutes. Bye."


I stared at him, "Who was that?"


He ran his fingers through his thick brown hair and said, "My goddaughter Ally. She is staying here for the night, just keep an eye on her. I have to work early tonight."


Lucas was an ex army man and now worked as a cop in town. He was in his uniform, wearing it loud and proud as he poured coffee in his mug at seven olcock at night.


"I've never heard of Ally before." I said casually.


"Ally's father and I were best friends. He died saving my life. Ally's stepfather hates her over here, thinking I'm some kind on threat. Just watch her tonight, please." He gave me a look. I knew he wasn't telling me something but I agreed anyway. He was nice enough to let me stay with him, the least I could do is what a girl for the night.


He smiled. The door bell rang. He rushed to the door as I followed his footsteps. He embraced the small girl that I couldn't get a good look out of. As he backed away, my mouth dropped. It was Ally, the dare girl Ally. The second her eyes fell on me, I knew my life was changed forever.


Her left side of her jaw was badly bruised and looked like she had tried to cover it up. She changed from her winter looking clothes to shorts and a old looking tee that said army on it. She arms were covered in burns, scars and even more bruises. Her face had gone numb from looking at me.


"Ally, honey, this is Niall. Niall, this is my goddaughter Ally." Lucas smiled....

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