The Dare

Ally Waters has a hard enough life as it is: her mother is married to an abusive stepfather who makes her twin brothers beat her everyday to get a kick out of it, her real father is dead, and she has a scar going down the right side of her face her stepfather gave her. But what happens when former boy group member, Niall Horan, shows up into her life? Will she find the courage to save herself or just lose all her faith?

**for mature readers only


1. How to Begin?

How do you even start a story like my own? I guess like this. My name is Ally Waters. My mother, Alison, and father, Allen, gave birth to me and my twin brothers(we are triplets) life in the year 1996. After that year, my father went off to war and died a hero trying to save my godfather, Lucas, life which he did but in doing so, he died.


My mother stayed strong till about three years ago. She never dated, she worked two jobs, and all we needed was each other until she met James, my stepfather from hell.


Allen(named after my father), Albert, and I had a very bad feeling about James. He was gross looking with his thin greasy hair, small chapped lips, sweat bedding down his face, and the chubby body he had. He looked like one of the guys the school described as "possibly dangerous" and "to stay away from a man like this at al costs". I suppose my mom never got the memo. Even with our pleading, she still dated the furniture sells man. One year later, they are married and his true self came out.


Into the "sweet marriage" as my mother would say, James started drinking and when he started drinking, he started beating Allen. Every night, Allen would come into our room we shared with Albert and cry because of what James would do to him. Every night he was beat the shit out of him until he was almost knocked out. Allen was only fourteen. 


Once Allen started to toughen up, James went for Albert. My sweet, innocent Albert who couldn't even harm a fly. He made Albert into the sixteen year old he is today. Hardened. He speaks to no one until its my turn. He begs James not to touch me. He says, "She's a girl! She's only a girl!" Then James makes Allen hold me down. Then he makes Albert kick me until I start to cry. Albert begs me to cry so he can stop. We would both end up crying, only making it worse as James gulps down the rest of his beer then grabs me by my hair. He would take me to his room and... He would hurt me pretty bad but I would always get away before he could rape me.


Now, you maybe wondering where my mom was in this... She watched. She would sit there with a blank look on her face and watch my brothers and I get beat endlessly. She never tried to help us. I hated her everyday because of that. No amount of clothes or money or anything could make up for what she has brought into our lives. And that, my dear people, is where my story begins. 

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