A Chance Encounter

"Chris, is my problem not yours. I can't fight this battle but none of you are gonna fight it for me!" I stomp up the stairs and slam the door shut.

After breaking up with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Kerri runs into - literally Louis Tomlinson from 1D! Louis offers her to come and live with him and Harry since she has nowhere else to go.
Will she accept? Will Louis and Kerri become something more than friends? Read A Chance Encounter to find out!

~ Hi! This is my first Movella so if it sucks im sorry. Hope u guys like it!~ Adaeze! =D


21. Time To Start PLANNING!

Harry's POV


Lou wakes me up around 8:15am so we can get ready to go to the studio again. I take a 10 minute shower and put on black skinny, skinny jeans, and a black V-neck. I slip on my shoes and head downstairs.


"Morning, Lou."

"Morning, Haz." He says as I pick up an apple and taking a bite. 5 minutes later we hear light footsteps coming downstairs. We look toward the staircase.


"Hey, guys." Kerri says while stretching. Aww she looks like a little kitty.


"Hey, love." I greet.


"H-Hi Kear." Lou stutters. I look over at Louis and see him blushing. He is so falling Kear bear. That's it. As soon as we get to the studio me, Zayn and Liam are going to make a plan to get these two and Ash and Nialler together.


"Are you going to the studio?" She ask.


"Yea, we are. Speaking of that, we should get going. Bye, Kear Bear." I answer, heading to the car.


"Yea. B-Bye, love." I silently laugh at Louis. We get in his car and head to the studio.


*At the studio*


"Hey, mates!" We walk towards the boys.


"Hey, Lou. Hey Haz." They chorused.


We do some singing and stuff. Then when Louis and Niall are busy, I grab Liam and Zayn to make up a plan.


"Okay, so I assume that you have already noticed that Louis and Kear like each other and so does Niall and Ash."


"Of course, who hasn't?" Liam mentions.


"Yea." Zayn laughs.


"Well, we need to do something about it-"


"Cause their not."


"Exactly, Liam."


"So we're gonna make a plan?"




"Alright!" Liam says excitedly while Zayn smirks.


*15 minutes later*


"So that's the plan?" I ask.


"That's the plan." They say together.


"Good. We're gonna need Perrie and Danielle's help too."


"K, we'll tell them-"


"Tell who, what?" We turn around and see Lou and Nialler standing behind us. Thank goodness they didn't hear the plan.


"Oh, tell Perrie and Dani about...a...a little sleepover we're thinking about having." I stutter.


"Oh, cool. When?" Niall ask.


"Um...we haven't made a set date yet." Liam says.


"Ok. Well, Haz, you ready to go?" Lou ask.


"Yea. Lets go!" I yell. I get up and head towards the doors with Lou. I send Liam and Zayn a wink as I open the door.



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