A Chance Encounter

"Chris, is my problem not yours. I can't fight this battle but none of you are gonna fight it for me!" I stomp up the stairs and slam the door shut.

After breaking up with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Kerri runs into - literally Louis Tomlinson from 1D! Louis offers her to come and live with him and Harry since she has nowhere else to go.
Will she accept? Will Louis and Kerri become something more than friends? Read A Chance Encounter to find out!

~ Hi! This is my first Movella so if it sucks im sorry. Hope u guys like it!~ Adaeze! =D


12. OMG ITS 1D!

Ashley's POV

Its about a 10 minute walk till we get to their flat. I'm so EXCITED! We get there and Kerri knocks on the door. "Guys shut up!" We hear Liam yell. "Hey Kear Bear, and you must be her BFFL." "Hey Lili and yup this is her, Ashley." Kerri says. "Hi Ashley." Liam smiles. "H-h-hi." I stuttered. "Come on in, loves." Liam says opening the door a little wider for us. When we walk in I see Niall eating something, Zayn playing with his hair and Louis and Harry playing patty cake? "What are you boys doing?" Kerri ask. "Oh, HI KERRI!" The boys yell in union. "Guys this is Ashley, my BFFL and a HUGE fan of yours." "Hi, Ashley. Its a pleasure to meet you." They say together. "H-h-hi." I whisper. I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. "Aww, she's shy." Niall says in his awesome Irish accent. "Come on." Kerri says pulling me to their couch.


Kerri's POV 

"Come on." I say pulling her to our couch. I sit next to her so she won't feel as...awkward, Lou sits next to me, Harry, Niall, and Zayn sit on the floor and Liam sits in the chair. "Well since your a huge fan, I assume you already know whos who, am I right?" Harry ask. Ashley nods her head shyly. "So, tell us about yourself." Zayn says. "Like what?" She ask. "Like EVERYTHING!" The boys say in union. I laugh because that's what they did to me.


~30 minutes later~


"So yea, that's it." Ashley finally says. "Your just as awesome as Kear Bear." Louis states. Me and Ashley let out a small giggle at the same time. "So what to do now?" I ask. "NANDOS!" Niall screams out. "We just went there Nialler," Liam says. "But not with Ash." Niall pouts. I can see Ash just wanting to scream since they gave her a nickname. I smile. "Fine, but only because Ash and Kear Bear are coming." He says. "YAY!" Niall jumps for joy. We get our things and head towards the cars. We decide to take 2 cars instead of 1 since we could barely fit into 1 car last time.


Louis' car: Lou, Me, Ashley, and Niall

Harry's car: Harry, Zayn, Liam. 


I sit in the front with Lou while Niall and Ash sit in the back. I don't hear Niall saying, "Nandos, Nandos, I LOVE NANDOS!" But I do hear Niall and Ash talking back there. We get there in 6 minutes. Louis and Niall put their sunglasses and beanies on. We get out and see Liam, Harry, and Zayn did the same. We walk in and sit in the back. We order, get our food and eat. We're out in less than an hour. We head back to the cars and drive home. 


We get home and sit on the couch. "Lets watch a movie." Hazza suggest. "Sure. What movie girls?" Zayn ask us. "Um, whatever  movie you guys want to watch." I say with Ash nodding her head in a agreement. I see Liam opening his mouth to say Toy Story I bet. "Nope. Not Toy Story! Liam we watch it everyday!" Louis tells him. "But, but, its Toy Story." "Oh well. Lets watch........Pitch Perfect!" Niall says. We all nod in agreement even Liam, but you gotta admit its an AWESOME movie. We sit down. Me, Louis, Ash, and Niall sit on the couch, Liam sits in the chair and Harry and Zayn lay down on the floor. 


By the end of the movie its almost midnight. "I'm going to sleep. Ash, you can sleep with me tonight. Night boys." I tell every one while yawning. "Okay, Night guys." She says standing up and following me upstairs. "Night Ash. Night Kear Bear." They say in union. We head upstairs and into my room. "You can use some of my pajamas." "Thanks, Kerri. " She says going into my bathroom to change. I change quickly so she doesn't see my bruises. I get under the covers and close my eyes. The last thing I hear before I fall asleep is Ashley getting into bed.  

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