A Chance Encounter

"Chris, is my problem not yours. I can't fight this battle but none of you are gonna fight it for me!" I stomp up the stairs and slam the door shut.

After breaking up with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Kerri runs into - literally Louis Tomlinson from 1D! Louis offers her to come and live with him and Harry since she has nowhere else to go.
Will she accept? Will Louis and Kerri become something more than friends? Read A Chance Encounter to find out!

~ Hi! This is my first Movella so if it sucks im sorry. Hope u guys like it!~ Adaeze! =D


11. Morning Guys!

Kerri's POV

I wake up by the sound of my phone. I got a text from Ashley.


From: Ashley

G'Mornin gurl! Wat r u doin 2day?




I sit up and rub the sleep out of my eyes. I HATE MORNINGS. I pick up my phone and text Ash back.


To: Ashley

G'morning. Nuthin that I know of and I might come over later to tell u. gtg bye. :)



Its 8:00 in the morning, why am I up!? After about 10 minutes of deciding rather to get up or go to sleep, I get up. I head to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I leave the bathroom and put on my hoodie. My bruises are still visible and I don't want any of the boys to see it or worry abut it. I quietly tip toe downstairs so the boys don't wake up since Haz, Ni, Zayn, and LiLi are asleep in the living room. Louis must have been the one to put me in my bed. I need to remember to thank him. I'm going to cook the boys an ACTUAL breakfast instead of what ever they use to have.


I'm going to make.............PANCAKES! I get out the pancake mix, eggs and sausage. I try to be as quiet as possible so they don't wake up. I'm done in 45 minutes and right on time because Nialler smelled the food and woke up which woke up everyone else (except lou).


"I SMELL FOOD!" He screamed. "UGH!" The others moan in union. They all get up and come into the kitchen. "Good morning guys!" I say cheerfully. "Good morning." They say rubbing their eyes. "You cooked for us?" Lili asked. "Yea, think of it as a thank you for letting me live here. Its nothing though." I smile. "You didn't have to but thanks anyway." Harry says hugging me. "Yea, thanks kear bear." The rest say sitting down. "Can one of you go get Lou. He's still asleep." I ask. "I'll go get him, love" Zayn says running up the stairs. "THANKS DJ!" I yell after him. 


I fix the boys their plates (even lou's and zayn's) "COME ON! Kerri made us breakfast." We hear zayn yell at Louis. Then Zayn comes running down the stairs pulling Boobears ear. "OW, OW, OW OW, OW, OW!" Louis yells. "Sit down and eat." Zayn tells Louis. "FINE. Thank you Kerri." Lou says sitting down and starting to eat. "No prob. Eat up boys." I say going to go get my phone. I get it and run back downstairs.


"THIS IS AMAZAYN!" Niall yells with a mouth full of food. The rest of them nod their head in agreement. "Thanks guys." I say while texting on my phone.


From: Ashley

K. plz come over and tell me. plz. i'm dying over here! ;)


To: Ashley

Fine, I will i'll be over in about a hour and half. bye. see u later! :D


I get up to head to the bathroom to take a shower but Liam's voice stops me. "Your not gonna eat, love?" "No. I'm good. You boys eat up." I say with a smile. "Are you sure, love?" Zayn ask. "Yes." "Where you going?" Hazza ask. "Upstairs to take a shower. I'm going to go see my best friend for a while, if you guys don't need me?" They all look at each other and Niall says, "Nope." "Go have fun." Lou tells me. "OK." I head upstairs and take a shower.


I in and out. I put on black skinny jeans and a red tshirt, my hoodie and white TOMS. I grab my phone and go downstairs. Then all the whistle so I turn around. I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. "Are you guys down eating?" They nod. I start towards the kitchen buy lou stops me. "Your going to see your friend. We'll clean the kitchen." "No its fine. I have time, i'll clean it." Trying to push pass lou. "No, no, no, not today. We'll clean it." (see what I did there. lol) Zayn says going to the kitchen. "Fine..........Bye mates." I say heading out the door.  


Ashley's POV

I could barely sleep last night because my best friend is with LOUIS FRICKIN TOMLINSON OF 1D! And probably the whole band! Shes coming over soon so i'm going to go take a shower. I take 15 minutes. I get out and put on blue short-shorts, white tanktop and blue sandals. I go in the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal and start eating.


20 minutes later I hear the doorbell ring. I run to the door, open it and hug my BFFL!


"HEY! WE NEED TO TALK NOW!!" I say pulling her inside. "Um, ok." She says while closing the door and sitting down on my dark blue couch. "So, start talking!" I say. "Uh.....I don't know where to start." She mumbles. "THE BEGINNING! DUH." "Which is...." Omg, she is being so complicated! "Start from when you were at Chris' flat." I say as calmly as possible. "Oh, ok." She says.


(I don't think u guys want to hear the WHOLE story, since u read it already so i'm going to skip it. -Adaeze)          ~About 15 minutes later~



"That's it." She finally says. "Wow, that's a long but.........um..........AWESOME story." I say. "You have to introduce us!" I scream. "I don't know." "Oh, please, please, pleaseeeee? It's ONE DIRECTION for crying sakes. PLEASE?" I beg with all my heart. Then she makes her 'thinking' face. "......Fine. I'll ask them and IF they say yes, I'll introduce you." She says slowly. "OMG, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!" I scream to the top of my lungs.


"No problem." "So are you gonna ask them........now?" I ask. "Are you serious?" She ask. I nod my head slowly. She rolls her eyes and picks up her phone. "You OWE me.....big time!" "I KNOW I KNOW. Just call them." I say bouncing up and down. "Shhhh!" She hiss at me.


Kerri's POV

"I KNOW I KNOW. Just call them." Ashley say bouncing up and down. "Shhhh!" I hiss at her. Then I put it on speaker.




"Hello?" I hear Harry's voice say. "Hey Hazza,-" Ashley's mouth drop open and mouths ' you can call them by their nicknames?!' I nod my head. "Can you get the boys on the phone too?" I ask. "Oh hey Kear Bear. Sure thing, love...........BOYS KERRI WANTS TO TALK TO US!" We hear him yell. "They gave you a nickname? Kear Bear?" She whispers. I nod my head. I swear she has the biggest smile ever on her face right now.


"Yes, love?" The boys say in union. "Hey boys. Ok, so I was wondering if you guys wanted to meet a REALLY big fan aka my BFFL? It would mean so much to the both of us, PLEASE?" I ask super nicely. "Of course, we would love to me her." Liam says. "Thank you so much boys." "No problem, love. When do you want us to meet?" Zayn ask. "Um, when ever, I guess. She is here with me right now. We could come back to the flat and you guys could meet." "Ok, see you gals in a little bit." Louis and Niall say at the time. "Ok. Bye, boys!" I tell them. "BYE KERRI!" They yell. Then I hang up and look at Ashley. "OMG! MY BEST FRIEND KNOWS 1D AND I'M ABOUT TO MEET THEM! AHHHHH!" Ashley yells right in my ear. "Thanks." I mumble. "Sorry. I'm just really excited! Thanks again gurl." "No problem. Come on lets go." I say pulling her outside towards the boys flat.



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