A Chance Encounter

"Chris, is my problem not yours. I can't fight this battle but none of you are gonna fight it for me!" I stomp up the stairs and slam the door shut.

After breaking up with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Kerri runs into - literally Louis Tomlinson from 1D! Louis offers her to come and live with him and Harry since she has nowhere else to go.
Will she accept? Will Louis and Kerri become something more than friends? Read A Chance Encounter to find out!

~ Hi! This is my first Movella so if it sucks im sorry. Hope u guys like it!~ Adaeze! =D


7. Meeting The Boys

Louis' POV

"So you know how you said you didn't really have anywhere to stay?" I said when I got back to her. "Ummm yea. Why?" Kerri said looking confused. "Well I asked my best mate and fellow band member Harry if it was ok and he said yea." "Where are you going with this Lou?" She asked even more confused. She was actually pretty adorable when shes confused. "I asked Harry if you could stay over at our flat till you found another one, if that's ok? Me and Harry share a flat just in case you were wondering." I said. After I said that she looked shocked. "Kerri?" I said. "Huh, oh sorry. So your saying you want me to live with You and Harry?" "Well, yeah i mean you said you didn't have anywhere to live right now and me and Harry have an extra room at our flat. So what do you say, love?" I ask her. Theres a short pause before she says "I'd love to, if its ok with you and Harry." "Its Perfectly fine love." I say. "So we should get going. Harrys really excited to meet you." I say with a smile. "Ok." Kerri say with her beautiful smile.

Kerri's POV

So it takes about 15 minutes to get to Lou's flat. Then we see another car besides lou's. "I guess you'll be meeting the whole band instead of just Harry." He says with a smirk on his face. Then I say uh oh under my breath, cause i was worried enough just meeting Harry now I have to meet the rest. What if I make a fool out of myself. Then I guess Louis sees me biting my lip cause right then and there he says, "Don't worry you'll be fine." with an reassuring smile. "Okay, whatever you say." I say with a sigh. Then Louis gets his key out and opens the door. As soon as it opens 4 pair of eyes are me. Its gonna be a long night.

Harry's POV

I see Lou and a girl that i assume is the girl we were talking about earlier on the phone. Shes actually pretty cute. Then I realize me, Liam, Niall, amd Zayn are all staring at her, which is probably making her even more nervous. So I decide to speak up. "Hey Lou! And you must be the lovely girl Louis was telling me about earlier." I say taking her hand and kissing it. "Hi." she says quietly and while blushing a lot. Then Louis pulls me away from her hand and says "Hello Hazza, Nialler, Li, and Zayn." Then the rest of the boys stop staring at her and say hey lou in union. I roll my eyes at them then look back at her. "Anyway, what might your name be, love?" I say with my dimples showing. "U-u-uh my name i-is......" Then Louis sees her struggling and smiles. "Her name is Kerri, Kerri Evans. And she'll be living with me and Harry for awhile boys." Lou says with his thick accent. Then I kiss her hand again and say "Nice to meet you Kerri. Im Harry, this is Liam, Zayn and Niall. Even though you most likely already know who we are, love." Pointing to each of the boys while introducing them. Then all the boys say hey or hi to Kerri. "Hey." she says while blushing. "Come sit down, love, we don't bite." Liam says while smiling. She looks up at Lou. Lou takes her hand and pulls her towards our chocolate brown couch. I go sit on the floor in between Nialler and Zayn. She sits in between Lou and Liam. "So how didi you guys meet and why is she staying with you and Hazza?" Niall says while munching on an apple. "Well...I went on a walk and I bumped into Kerri, she was crying I decided to figure out why she was crying so we went to starbucks and talked. Shes staying because she has no where else to go." Louis says. I notice Kerris looking down during the whole thing, I guess so does Zayn cause then he says, "Lets talk about this later. We want to get to know you Kerri." Then we all nod in agreement while smiling. She looks up and puts a very cute smile on. "Um...ok what do you want to know?" Then me, Liam, Niall, and Zayn smile and look at eachother, and say "EVERYTHING!" 







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