A Chance Encounter

"Chris, is my problem not yours. I can't fight this battle but none of you are gonna fight it for me!" I stomp up the stairs and slam the door shut.

After breaking up with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Kerri runs into - literally Louis Tomlinson from 1D! Louis offers her to come and live with him and Harry since she has nowhere else to go.
Will she accept? Will Louis and Kerri become something more than friends? Read A Chance Encounter to find out!

~ Hi! This is my first Movella so if it sucks im sorry. Hope u guys like it!~ Adaeze! =D


4. In Starbucks (Part 2)

Kerri's POV

    "Thank you." I say. While we were drinking our drinks we got to know each other. Just simple, random things like "Where are you from, love?" he asked. "Im from Doncaster,Endgland." "NO WAY IM FROM DONCASTER!!" He says with a HUGE smile on his face. Theres a small pause. Then we both BUST out laughing!! Then  we eventually find out we have alot in commmon. After a while Louis asked me why I was crying when we first met. This time its a pretty long pause. "Look, love, if you don't want to tell me its ok you don't have to." he says "I don't know, maybe later im still a little shaken up from it." I say with a small frown.


Louis' POV

    "Thats alright love, just tell me when your ready." I say with the most confident smile I have. "Not to sound rude or anything, mate, but why do you want to know?" she asked looking confused. "I just... I just don't want to see a lovely woman like you cry like that." "Okay, I just wanted to know, I'll tell you when im ready." She says with an awesome smile.


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