Little Things

Hi Im Cassidy. Im 17 and almost 18. I love onedirection. This is the story on how I met One Direction. And no I was not kidnaped or Abused just a normal human. Im not telling you more just read the story.


3. YouTube sensation

Cassidy's POV

"Hmm what to do on a free Saturday" I thought out loud. "Maybe you cold make another one of your songs those are good" My mom says calling over to me. "That's a great idea I call over to my mom. I wrap my arms around her and thank her. I head up to my room and pull out my guitar. You see I love music. Music is my life. When I was about 14 I started making songs and covering songs. After a while I started posting the on YouTube. I got so many hits it wasn't funny. So now Im doing another one. I turn on my camera and start talking. "I know I haven't done one in a while but here it goes." I stat strumming my guitar. Then I start singing. I decided to cover "What makes you beautiful". When I was done I quickly edited it and I posted it. I turned off my computer and went down stairs. At this time it was late spring and the pool was open. "Hey can we go to the pool?" Eric ask nudging my moms arm. "Sure that sounds great." She says. We change into our suits and I text Sarah. "Hey meet me at the pool I tell her. Five minutes later I get a reply." Ok be there in 20." We all hop in the car and we head off. When we get there Eric runs to all his friends and I see Sarah waiting for me. We walk in together giving the lifeguard our passes. Me and Sarah head over to the chairs and we both lie down and start to tan. Then I hear a familiar. "Hey Sarah. Hey Cassidy." I turn around and see Nick right in front of me. "Hey" I say sitting up to talk to him. "Hey" Sarah says also. "Its hot outside want to go in the pool?" He ask me. "Sure" I say getting up. Cassidy stands up too and we all walk in to the water. First we played volleyball then we raced. After a while of this fun it was time to go. Sarah came over for a sleepover.  First we had dinner. After that we decided to go up stairs. When we get there we go to my bed. I turn on my computer as Sarah watches over my computer. After a while of playing a light ball in my head went off. "Omg the video I posted". I scream out loud I quickly log onto it and it starts to load. Once it does I right to my videos. When I click on the new on there was a moment of silence. Then me and Sarah both start freaking out. "Omg 1 million hits in a day" I scream. "Omg" Sarah screams. We calm down and I go to my email. I look at a new one and it was and email I have never seen. I click on it and start to read. Sarah's reading to I can tell because her eyes a glued to the screan. The message said. "Hi this is Simon Cowell. I love your voice. You are such a great singer. I want to help you. ...... I would love for you to open up for one direction. I will get you a date to meet them. If you have anymore questions call me." I start fees king out as I grab my phone. "Hi Simon this is Cassidy. I came to warn you that I already have backstage passes to meet them." Give minutes later I get a reply. "Perfect I can get tickets to there and we will talk to the boys." I start screaming not knowing what to do. "I need to tell my mom" I say to Sarah. I quickly race down and Sarah takes her time. "Mom ..I .. Am.." I start to say out of breath. "What she means to say" Sarah joins in. "Is that shes getting signed by Simon Cowell. Also she might open up for One Direction. "Congrats!" My mom says. "Some celabatory ice cream" my dad says pulling ice cream out of the freezer. We all dig into our ice cream as we talk about my future. I still cant believe this is happening to me. After a while my ice cream was done and me and Sarah went to bed.  


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