Little Things

Hi Im Cassidy. Im 17 and almost 18. I love onedirection. This is the story on how I met One Direction. And no I was not kidnaped or Abused just a normal human. Im not telling you more just read the story.


1. The Big Contest

Cassidy's POV

"Beep Beep" my alarm finally went of as I was hesitating to get out of bed. It was only 5:30 and school starts at 7:30 so i decided to look presentable. I heated up the curling wand while I got dressed. "This shall do" I say holding up skinny jeans a white tank top and a pink shirt with a little bit of lace at the bottom. I quickly changed and went to the curling wand. I started curling my hair when I got a text. It was from Sarah. "Hey curl your hair today and wear your pink lace shirt I will do the same. I laughed as I replied. "Haha already am see you later". Sarah Is my best friend. She has been since 1st grade. I finished curling my hair and I picked up my makeup bag. As I'm applying the mascara I feel something on my back. It was a stupid nerd gun thing. It was my 10 year old brother,Eric,who's so annoying. "Get out you messed up my makeup". He giggled at they way I looked. I don't blame him I had a huge line of mascara on my face. I gave him an evil stare and he quickly left. I grabbed the makeup to mover and touched it up. In five min I was done with my make up. "Cassidy, hurry up your breakfast is getting cold" My mom called to me. "Hold on one more second." I called back down. I finished of my makeup and went down stairs. "Mmm chocolate chip pancakes thanks mom." "Dad helped too". My dad called to me from the couch. "Thanks to dad too" I say shoving pancakes in my mouth. "Do you need a ride to school." My mom ask while cleaning the dishes. "Sure that would be great" I say checking the time. "I will take Eric later when he needs to" my dad calls from behind the couch. My brothers school starts an hour after but yet he wakes up so early. "We should probably go now I tell my mom picking up my bags. "Ok get in the car" my mom says grabbing her keys. We get in the car and I turn on the radio. The first thing on was a one direction song so I start singing along. At the end of the song the person starts talking. "Do you want VIP tickets and backstage passes to one direction?" The person said. "Yes I said getting all perky. Well all you have to do is be the 25th call i quickly pick up my phone and call I waited for about 20 seconds then I hear the person. "Congrats you are the 25th caller you get VIP passes and backstage passes. How do you feel" I heard it on the radio and my phone. "I feel great." I said very nervously my mom looking at me like an idiot. Ok we will send you the passes and have fun." He spoke again then the call ended and i started spazzing out. My mom tells me to stop and I pull out my phone. Omg Sarah I just won one direction tickets and of course your coming I text "omg really" I get a reply within 1 min. "Yep see you at school" and with that we finished our way to the school

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