Little Things

Hi Im Cassidy. Im 17 and almost 18. I love onedirection. This is the story on how I met One Direction. And no I was not kidnaped or Abused just a normal human. Im not telling you more just read the story.


2. School

Cassidy's POV

As soon as I get to school I go to my locker. "Ok Math is first" I think out loud while grabbing my books. I shut my locker and turn around. "Hey Cass" Sarah said. "Hey" I say back. "So where are the one direction tickets." She ask me nudging me on the elbow. "I haven't got them yet. They will send them to me." "I can't believe we are going to meet our favorite boy band. I hope I can talk to Harry."she says. "Yeah me too but I hope I can meet Louis. Louis and Harry have been our favorites forever and now we will finally meet them. Me and Sarah walk to math together since we are in the sane class. When we get there we both take a seat. Right next to each other of course. We sit down as everyone else is building in. Then Nick the really hot boy in our grade walks in. "Hi Cassidy" he says all flirty like. "Hi" is all I manage to get out. He winks at me then takes the sat right next to me. I look over at Sarah and she gave me that look. You know the look you get when you crush walks in. "Be cool" I mouth to her. Seconds later the teacher walks in and begins our lesson. At the end he starts passing out the homework. I get out my binder but then it fell. "Oh no" I say starting to clean it up. Al the papers came out of the rings. Nick bends down and starts to help me. "Thanks" I say smiling and looking up. He looks up too and starts staring into my eyes. We finish cleaning and I put my homework in side. Next I have English. Sarah has A different class so she goes the other way. Then I see Nick. Me and him have the same class next so I run up to him and start walking with him. "Hey Cassidy I have a question." He tells me. "What is it?" I ask. "Will you go to the dance with me?" He says blushing. I look up at one of the posters. Then I notice the date. It was the same day as my concert same time also. "I will get back to you on that." I tell him making him aware that its a maybe. We get to the class and we take our seats moments later the teacher walks in. He starts talking and we start out lesson. After class is was lunch time so I start heading down to the cafeteria. Half way down I meet Sarah. We both already had our lunches packed so we sat down. After about five minutes I start talking to. "Sarah I need to tell you something. Nick asked me to the dance. But its the same night as the dance. I want to go to both but I cant. What should I do?" I tell her. "Well if I were you i would take the concert thats a once in a life time chance. I mean you get to meet them too. When will you ever do that again." "True ok I just need to tell Nick that should be easy he's very understanding." Moments later Nick comes over and sits with us. "Hi nick. Listen I already had plans on the day if the dance. Sorry." I tell him. "Its ok maybe we can get together another day." He says smirking at me. Then Claire the sassiest girl ever in the grade shes popular and an sassy. Wow what a combination. "Hey Cassidy heard you on the radio this morning. Congrats. But just to warn youI was the 24th caller that should've been me." She stops her foot and storms away. "Wow shes a handful" I say in shock of what happened. "Yeah the escalated quick." Nick tells me. Sarah,Nick and Me all start laughing as we finished our food 

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