Little Things

Hi Im Cassidy. Im 17 and almost 18. I love onedirection. This is the story on how I met One Direction. And no I was not kidnaped or Abused just a normal human. Im not telling you more just read the story.


6. One Direction Concert

Cassidy's POV

  "beep beep." My phone went off at 4:30, right after school. I check my phone and see its from Simon. It said "I will see you at the concert tonight." Oh yeah tonight's the concert I thought to my self. I've been waiting forever and its finally the day. I go over to my closet and pick out an outfit. I pulled out my blank white shirt with one direction stuff written around it in fabric paint, jeans, converse and my 1D buttons. I hope they don't think I'm to crazed. I finish getting dressed and I start doing my make up. Im so excited about this. Hear them sing and meet them. And on top of all that possibly open up the rest of our tour. I finished off my makeup with some lip gloss and I check myself in the mirror. I looked good. Then one hour later the limo pulls up. "Have fun!" My mom calls to me from inside. I smile and get in. I was upset Sarah couldn't come. Simon didn't want her to for some reason. She wasn't  that  upset they got her more tickets to another concert around where we live. The whole ride there Simon just talked about business. Then finally he said "Are you excited?" "Yes and nervous." I replied with a chuckle. Then he asked me more about my life. Then right before we got there he talked about the plan. "First we will listen to the concert and i can check up and see how my boys are doing. Then they will be doing a meet and greet for about an hour. We will have dinner at that time. Finally we will sit down and talk to them." "Sounds like a plan." I say getting out of the limo. We walk in and it is a huge crowded mess in there. We finally get to the ticket guy and we gave him our ticket. Many people came up and asked for Simons autograph. "Someday you will be signing autographs" he whispered to me. I smiled as we finally got to the VIP area. 10 minutes later the boys come in all holding there microphone. Except Louis. "That's strange" I say to Simon. "Very strange" he said back. Then we see Louis look at his hands. Then he quickly ran of stage. He came back now with a microphone in his hand and said "I got it now" A laugh goes through the crowd. Then Harry says "Can we start the show now!" They start with there song. There first song was "thats what makes you beautiful." Then it was "Little Thing". It continues on with there whole album and that lasted about an hour. Me and Simon then head out to dinner. When we finished eating we headed back to the place they were playing. The security took us to a room and told us to wait. 5 minutes later the boys come in and they sit. "So whats your name" Liam ask "Im Cassidy" "Nice to meet you Cassidy" they say and we start to talk. I tell them about my past on singing and just my plain past. When I was done I felt as though I was close to all of them. They say thank you and I hugged all of them. "How do you think it went?" I asked Simon once we got back in the limo. "It went really well. Good job Cassidy." I smile in approval. "I thought so" I muttered to my self. 


Hi authors note her. Im really sorry on my poor updating skills. Im just really busy. Keep reading to all my readers. And feel free to comment








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