Little Things

Hi Im Cassidy. Im 17 and almost 18. I love onedirection. This is the story on how I met One Direction. And no I was not kidnaped or Abused just a normal human. Im not telling you more just read the story.


4. Meeting up with Simon

Cassidy's POV

"Wake up" I here. I had to wake up extra early for a meeting with Simon. At least I get to skip school. I finally get up and tell my mom good morning. "Hurry up the limo will be here in an hour." I pick up my phone and check the time. I saw a message from Simon. It said "be there in a hour with the limo. Cant wait to hear you sing and maybe sign you". I hurry up and get ready. After about 30 min I go down for breakfast. I ate a good breakfast and chowed down. About 25 min I get a text from Simon. "Im out side in the limo." I grab my phone and guitar and say "good bye to my mom.""Good luck!" She says. I walk out the door with my guitar in my hand. The limo driver gets out and opens the door for me. When I get I see Simon in there. "Hello how are you he says. "Im great how are you?" "Im fabulous. May I please see your guitar" I hand him my quotation and he start examining it. Im really nervous I dont know what to do. "Your guitar is fine but we need to get you a bigger. This one is way to small." He says. "Yeah, I got it when I was 12" I tell him. "Well that just won't due" he says. I smile like an idiot not knowing what to then he called up to the limo driver. "Before we go to the recording studio stop by the guitar shop." "No no Simon you don't have to do that." I tell him. I was generous of the offer but he didnt have to do that. "Well if im going to sign you I want you to sound great!" "Ok If you want" I say. When we get in the shop I see one million guitars. "Ok pick one you like" Simon tells me. I look around for a while and then someone comes up and ask if I need help. He helps me find the one I need. We pay for it and head back to the limo. We head to the studio and we finally arrive after 30 min. Me and him go to a meeting room and he starts asking me questions. The questions were all like "how long have you been singing?" Or "how old are you?" or "what do you do on your free time. I answer all the questions while he nods and writes the answers down. After about seems like 100 questions he finally puts the notes down and picks up another paper. I never found out what that paper ment so I just waited there for a little while. Then I see him put down that paper pick and up the paper. He grabs a clip board and turns the page. "Follow me." He says and we both get up. I follow him for a while until we get to a room. It was a recording booth. He tells me to step in. "Pull out the song I told you to write and bring." He says. I pull ou the paper and unfold it. "Ok so now I want to here you sing it. I will record it. Dont get nervous its the same as always." He says. I step into the booth. He gives me the signal to start and I start strumming my guitar. After the intro I start to sing. The whole time Simons looking at me and is nodding. I keep going for about three min. After the song he clicks the stop button and I step out of the recording booth. "How was that?" I say. "That was great. But theres one more thing we need to do." He says as I follow him. We step out side and I was really confused. "Ok now all you have to do Is sing the song you just sang right here. I want to see who knows you and how big of a crowd will you attract." He says. I sit down and start my song. Simon steps back and watches. After a short time of starting I already had a crowd. Little kids were dancing in front and I smiled at how cute they were. When I finished the song two girls came up and said. "Your that girl from YouTube can we get a photo with you." I smile and snap the photo. Then many more people came up for signatures and photos. Simon looked impressed. We walk back in and he pulls out the paper that I didn't know what it was before. He hands me the paper and I see that its a contract. He says "I would love to sign you just sign here" he says pointing to the spot to sign. I sign there and smile. The limo brings me back to my house. "Mom I got signed" I say jumping up and down. "Congrats honey" she says hugging me. 




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