Little Things

Hi Im Cassidy. Im 17 and almost 18. I love onedirection. This is the story on how I met One Direction. And no I was not kidnaped or Abused just a normal human. Im not telling you more just read the story.


5. Authors Note

Hey you guys are probably mad from my poor updating skills. I will try to go faster but its hard to do. Im really busy. If you ever want me to update comment and I will try to hurry my next chapter. Also Please help me get more readers it would mean the world if I could have 100 readers. I love you guys so much for reading this. If you have any comments please feel free to say them. I can take it. Also If anyone wants a personal imagine tell me your name and the boy. I will start doing these often. They will be posted in this. Also I want to tell some about me. 1) I'm 11. 2) I have blue eyes brown hair and im pretty short. 3) louis my fave. 4) Im so obsessed its nit even funny. 5) I HATE CLOWNS AND BEES. 



Happy reading

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