help me

this is my first movella hope you like it!! ---------------------------------------------------when katrina's mother and father died, she was heartbroken. when they took her to her foster parents house they were always abusing her. her " Father" raped and hit her. her "Mother" hit her and straved her. they both did drugs and were alcaholics. they were extremly rich and one day katrina decides to run away. when she meets 5 boys, will she fall for the dark haired, tattoed hearthorob? read to find out!!


1. help me


 my father slapped me hard across the face. " get on the bed you little slut!" he said. i was crying and he hit me with his fist- hard. "take off all your clothes" he said! i got on the bed and stripped to my underwear. you are probaly very confused right now. ---Well, my name is Katrina brown and i have dark, wavy brownish hair. i am 16 and very rich. i havent seen sun since about 3 monthes ago. i am also being abused very, very bad.---he took of my bra and underwear and punched me. i screamed in pain. he started sucking on my boobs and entered his dick into me. the whole time he was sucking my boobs and slapping my face. he thursted one last time and pulled out, spraying all over me. he shoved his dick into my mouth and made me give him a blowjob. When he told me to swallow I threw it out. I saw him go very quiet. I was really scared! "I'm sorry I didn't mean that but he was gone. He came back in half an hour with 3 friends. " oh please no, I'll do anything!" Shut up, he screamed and kicked me. His friends came and they tied me up to the bed, shoving my legs wide open. I tried to squirm but all four of them pulled my nipples. I screamed very hard. Next thy got naked. One of them put his dick in me, the other put it in my ass. The father put his dick in my mouth and pissed. He said swallow or I will make a movie. So I swallowed. When they were done they sucked my boobs and lady part. After an hour my dad thrusted one last time and left, leaving me feeling dirty because I had been raped-again•





Sorry it was so short this is my first book :) my friend have me the ideas, I am not that dirty haha. Next chapter will be up if someone wants me to

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