What Happened?

Marisa Armington was a normal 15 year old teenager. With loving parents two Best Friends that are like sisters to her. She has a perfect life too, she's rich really pretty that have all boys drooling over her at school, popular and the Captain of the Volleyball team. What happens when she figures out that she was lied to by her parents about her life. What happens when she figures that there is a lot of creatures out there that aren't human like, Vampires, Fairies, Witches, Animal Shifters, Werewolves and a lot more. What if one of those mystical creatures out there is her. What if the Alpha of the werewolf Silver Moon pack is 'supposedly' her 'Mate' which she has no idea what a 'Mate' is. Read more to figure out. :D


1. The beginning.

Marisa's P.O.V.

There I was staring at myself in the mirror. I was getting ready for a party with my two best friends, Mia and May. I got dressed in a neon pink tight dress that just stopped below my butt. My straight long light blonde hair was now in bouncy curls. My make-up was done I had lots of eye-liner on and mascara my electric, vibrant baby blue eyes stand out. A car beeped making me have the living life out of me. Mia yelled "Come on Mar the party's going to start soon!" I looked at my digital clock it read 9:56 I said to myself "Oh crap we will be late" so after that I ran down stairs and said bye to my mommy  and kissed her cheek. "Be careful hun." She said before I grabbed my sparkly neon pink stilto's and jumped in Mia's car while I past my beautiful green smart-car." It took you forever Mar I grew a thousand year old beard waiting for you here." Mia said jokingly

"Oh Thanks. I'll take that to the heart. But anyways you guys look smoking sexy Like a Lolipop." I said to both May and Mia.


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