What Happened?

Marisa Armington was a normal 15 year old teenager. With loving parents two Best Friends that are like sisters to her. She has a perfect life too, she's rich really pretty that have all boys drooling over her at school, popular and the Captain of the Volleyball team. What happens when she figures out that she was lied to by her parents about her life. What happens when she figures that there is a lot of creatures out there that aren't human like, Vampires, Fairies, Witches, Animal Shifters, Werewolves and a lot more. What if one of those mystical creatures out there is her. What if the Alpha of the werewolf Silver Moon pack is 'supposedly' her 'Mate' which she has no idea what a 'Mate' is. Read more to figure out. :D


2. Cookies. I really dont know i dont really like naming Chapters so Ya.

Chapter 2

We were there in about a hour and a half counting the pit stop we had to make because May had 'diarrhea' and had to go 'pee' which she didnt we caught her making out with a 13 year old looking boy me and Mia started cracking up when we relised that he looked 13 and May was 16 turning 17 in on May 27th. But anyways we were finally at the party there was many people inside and outside of the house. The house looked like a Mansion it was so beautiful. I wonder who owns this beauti-.

I was snapped out my thoughts when MIa was shaking my head side to side and up and down saying 'Maaaarrrrr!!!!!! Are you alive!!!"

I shoved her off of me gently because she was giving me a headache by shaking my head like it was one of those shake weight time things and screaming in my ear like i was a baby.

I finially said to Mia "Yes, I am alive if i wasn't alive i would be lifeless on this seat without making a noise or anything. Okay so that was said lets go party."

''May are you coming?" Me and Mia said in unisine while we watched May stay in the car.

May shook her head in a No way.

Me and Mia sighed. We bothed looked each other in the eye and nodded our heads agreeing to what we're both about to do to May.

May Looked at us wide eyes and kept yelling no.

Me and Mia opened the passengers seat on the other side of the car because of coarse she locked the one that was in front of her. We grabbed May and giggled because May would'nt stop saying foul language under her breath about us while we had her in our hands and she did'nt even touch the ground because i held Mays' feet and Mia held Mays' hands.

We finally were at the front door of the beautiful Mansion. We sat May down and told her to stay still. But of coarse she does'nt. So me and Mia held Mays'  wrist behind her back and held her in front of us.

I used my one free hand to ring the bell. The door slightly opened and showed a boy  with brown hair and  emerald green eyes. He was skinny and had some muscles they rippled when he opened the door further to allow us in. But before he did he held his hand out ing front of him and said "Stop".

"Sorry. I just need your names." the man with brown hair said. Wait i don't even know his name still. I'll just call him, Bob, Bob Ginger-Snap. Perfect name


"Oh Sorry, Im Marisa or you can call me Mar and these are my two best friends May, the one in front of Me and Mia, and this is Mia right beside me." I smiled.

"Alright then." Bob Ginger-Snap said. hehe I like that name.

All three of us walked in. There was alcohol everywhere same with the snacks they had and people dancing alot. It was my type of part-eh.

May ran off as fast as she could and me and Mia didnt even notice intill i looked around and couldnt find May.

"Where's May?!?!" I asked Mia.


Hey ya so my next chapter is gonna be in May P.O.V. so stay tuned ill try to update when i can for whoever still is reading this book and there maybe some weird parts but thats me im pretty weird and i laugh over the dumbest things ever. I may not continue this book. But i may who knows and this books gonna get intresting in the next couple chapters soooo...Yeeeaaahhhh..

(\/)(*,,,,*)(\/) <<< CRABB-EH!!!!

     Peace out! Love ya Hehe see i dont even know you and i love you awee <33333 XD




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