Finding the City

Lucy is just a regular girl that lives in New York City. One day, she finds herself running away on a train. While she was waiting for the train, she meets Liam (in this story, he isn't famous). When they were on a bridge over a huge river in the middle of a forest, the train suddenly stops. The lights go off and they're stuck there. Everyone stops and thinks that it's just temporary. Before they can get to know eachother, the bridge gives out.


2. The Bridge

        Lucy's P.O.V.:

                  Eventually, I got to the train station. I bought my ticket to Silver Creek in Chautauqua County, NY. "Thanks." I said as I grabbed my ticket and went to one of the benches. On the same bench was a guy who looked pretty cute. I sat down and grabbed my iPhone out of my pocket. I went on my Twitter and looked around on my friends' accounts. 

                  After about five minutes, I noticed the guy staring at me. I looked up and he smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Liam." I smiled back. "I'm Lucy." "So, where are you going? I'm going to Silver Creek." "Me too!" I said. "Wow! What are you going there for? Visiting family?" "Actually, I'm getting away from my family." "Oh. I'm going there to visit family." "Cool." I said. 

                 We kept talking and after a while, I heard a familiar voice. "There you are!!!!" I realized my dad was running at me. I gasped. "Get back here Lucy!!!!" he screamed. Liam looked suprised. Luckily, the train pulled up. I ran onto it and found a seat at the top. The train started moving. I hoped that he wasn't on the train. 

                 After everyone gave the guy the tickets, I saw Liam coming to where I was. "What happened back there? Was that your dad?" I looked down at my hands. "Yeah. I...ran away from home....." "Why?" " parents aren't that nice and I can't live with them anymore." He looked sad. "I'm so sorry. If you want, you can come live with me and my family. I know I don't know you that well, but I can't let  you wander the streets of Silver Creek." "Thanks for the offer, but I'll be ok." "No. I insist." I smiled and finally gave in. 

                  Right after I said yes, the train stopped and the lights went out. It wasn't completely dark since it was 1:30 P.M. "What happened?" I asked. "I don't know." Liam replied. I looked out the window. We were over a huge river. "Whoa." I said. "Look at the bridge. See that crack in that bridge?" I nodded, lookign at the crack in the bridge. "Just by looking at that, I can tell that the bridge is going to fall in about five minutes." I was terrified. "What do we do?" "There's an escape hatch over there." he said as he pointed to the one on the roof.

                  We climbed up to it and got out. We ran to the land and before we turned around, I heard a huge crack. Behind us, we saw the bridge collapse with the train.

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