Finding the City

Lucy is just a regular girl that lives in New York City. One day, she finds herself running away on a train. While she was waiting for the train, she meets Liam (in this story, he isn't famous). When they were on a bridge over a huge river in the middle of a forest, the train suddenly stops. The lights go off and they're stuck there. Everyone stops and thinks that it's just temporary. Before they can get to know eachother, the bridge gives out.


1. Run Away. You Know You Have To.

          Lucy's P.O.V.:

                        I looked down at my feet. "Run away. Run away. You know you have to." That little voice kept talking in my head. My dad was screaming at me for no reason. Let's just say that my parents.....weren't that nice. "If you leave this room, you will be in so much trouble! If you leave this house, I will find you and you will get the worst punishment you can think of!!!" I just stood there while tears swelled up my eyes.

                       After he left, I grabbed my green hat and put it over my long, curly, red hair. I put my backpack on the bed and stuffed it with clothes, shoes, and anything I would need. I grabbed my money I earned at MCDonalds and secretly climbed out the window. I knew that I was risking my life, but I couldn't live with parents like this. I finally got to the ground and started running as fast as I could down the long road to the train station.



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