wrecked (one direction)

One direction are on their way to America when their plane crashes. Stranded alone on a desert island. Or so they think. They meet two girls who have been on this island for 10 months now and between them try and find a way off the island.


5. thinking of me

louis p.o.v


i couldnt help myself. i knew me and eleanor were broken up but something inside me told me we shouldnt be. i was clueness. what should i do? also when i found harry in the water he seemed ready to die. that wasnt like him. out of all of us harry was the one that always stayed strong. he had to be. after manegment made him take the status of the flirt and the player he never really had a girlfriend. he wanted one but any girl that he could have one with stayed away from him. jenette was one of them girls. i had never seen my hazza so happy. when he was around her he seemed tto be a different person. not majorally but enough so you could tell.this is what i couldnt understand. was it beause of jenette that he seemed ready to go or was it another reason. with me and eleanor broke up as well as liam and dani broke up we needed him. in the nicest way possible we needed harry. he knew about break ups. he had done them so many times. but maybe he knew. maybe he knew that me and eleanor would get back together. no doubt we will. we are stronger then most couples. i have decided to forgive her. i mean come on she might have cheated on me but my life just wouldnt be the same without her. i went to call her then remembered that my phone had sunk on the plane. there was no way i was going on that death trap again. i sat there and started to cry. if we ever did get back alive would she have already mved on? i heard someone behind me. i got up and saw hazza there. "you alright mate?" he asked me. i dont know why but i got angry. maybe it was because of this whole mess with eleanor or maybe because my best mate literally died in front of me came back to life and then almost had to have his arm amputated. i turned around and just yelled at him " YOU  KNOW WHAT HAZZA WHY AREYOU ASKING ME IF IM OK? YOUR THE ONE THAT FOUND OUT YOU WERE CHEATED ON YESTERDAY? YOURE THE ONE THAT DIED YESTERDAY. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAD TO BE BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE.  AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHOS ARM WOULD OF HAD TO BE AMPUTATED IF IT WASNT FOR ME! ME! SO WHY SHOULDNT I BE FINE I SAVED YOUR ASS TWICE. BUT NO HARRY IF YOU MUST ASK IM NOT FRICKING OK. I MIGHT HAVE LOST THE GIRL I LOVED FORVER. BUT YOU PROABLY DONT CARE YOU ARE PROBABLY TOO BUSY BEING ALVE AND BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION." he looked hurt. really hurt and i immediatly regretted saying it."hazza i.."but he cut me off "dont worry about it lou, i can tell you need time alone" he walked off head hung low. fuck i thought great way to make your friend who just died feel good. he slunk off and went to liam. "whats wrong?" i heard liam ask him. harry told liam. he told him everything i said. i saw liam look at me. he didnt look mad at me. he just looked confused. I turned my back on them and cried. this day was geting so shit. i stood up and started to walk it the forest when the blonde hair and blue eyed girl appeared. she just stared at me " look louis" she said " i know its hard  but you have gotta decide in what to do  about eleanor." i just stared at her "wait i said how d you know my name? and how did your friend know nialls? and how do u know about me and eleanor?" she just looked at me " louis i have only been here 10 months and besides this is the story of how we got here...."

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