wrecked (one direction)

One direction are on their way to America when their plane crashes. Stranded alone on a desert island. Or so they think. They meet two girls who have been on this island for 10 months now and between them try and find a way off the island.


2. the crash(louis view)

I sat myself besides hazza. He was crying. It's ok mate i told him it gets better with time. He just stares at me with his puffy red eyes. I felt shit lying to him but what was i supposed to say? Oh harry it will ne fine its just that she will stay in the back of your mind constantly, haunt your dreams and make you wonder what you did wrong. I coulnt tell hazza that. I know he will find out but as his mates we have gotta make this as easy as possible for him. Liam came and sat with us. He agreed with me after dani had done the same to him. Vas happenin hazza came a voice out of nowhere. I gave Zayn a look to say that now is not the time. Then along came niall who immediatly said Aww what's wrong is harry still moping over jenette. I know he immediately regretted sayin it as he shut his mouth. I could see the sadness in harrys eyes he had really never felt this way about a girl before. He got up and turned around. Just shut the fuck up. He shouted. Everyone stared at him. Us, the fans and especially the paparazzi. I'm sorry he muttered. Just then out flight was called.harry walked away hung low. We walked to the airplane. Signing a.few autographs on the way. We got on the plane and harry was sitting there alone. Hey haz i said to him but he just ignored me boy he was feeling shit. I woke up to screaming. I knew.Zayn could go high pitched but not that high. Fuck Zayn I yelled what happening. Were fucking crashing he yelled that's what's fucking happeneing. He woke up nearly the whole plane with his.screams. all except hazza. Boy he could sleep. Shit hazza I shouted in his ear. Were crashing. Fuck he said Opening his eyes. he turned round and saw niall sitting alone and crying. I would have gone over.to him but I had to wake hazza up first. Niall harry called as he ran towards him. He was so near to niall when we plummeted into the icy cold see. First the windows broke. i heard hazza scream in pain. I turned round and saw a massive shards of glass sticking out of his arm. Stay above water he yelled and try get out the windows. Me,niall,liam and Zayn got out. Liam was holding Zayn as Zayn can't swim. I saw harry try and get out of the window. But the plane was sinking to fast. He hit his head on the top of the window and fell into the deep blue sea. Unconsious. Fuck i yelled. Liam get niall and Zayn to shore. It doesnt seem far I said pointing to a nearby island. I held my breath and dived. I looked frantically around for harry but Jr wasn't there. Then i saw a twinkle of green between the coral. Thank fuck it wasnt deep otherwise we would have lost our mate by now. I picked him up and carried him to shore. He was still breathing just. Fuck no I yelled as his chest stopped rising and falling. Shit does anybody no cpr. I looked at the boys and knew.they didnt. Hazza no I yelled. Suddenly a voice came out of nowhere. I know cpr. A tall girl with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes made her way to harry. She put her mouth on his and breathed. It took two rounds but finally hazza awoke spitting water from his lungs. Thank fuck hazza i yelled and gave him a massive hug.
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