wrecked (one direction)

One direction are on their way to America when their plane crashes. Stranded alone on a desert island. Or so they think. They meet two girls who have been on this island for 10 months now and between them try and find a way off the island.


1. the crash (harrys view)

I stared at the floor and cried. Jenette had just dumped me after I found her cheating with another man. "dude don't worry bout it" boo bear exclaimed "it gets easier with time" I looked at him with puffy eyes and just stared. He had broken up with elanor a few weeks ago after she cheated aswell. Liam came and sat with us to. He agreed with louis of course seeing as he and dani broke up a few weeks ago aswell after she cheated on him. What was it with woman these days. "Vas happenin hazza" Zayn exclaimed coming and sitting beside us. " he still moping bout jenette" questioned niall as he came and sat with us. I know they were only trying to cheer me up but I felt so shit at the moment I couldn't handle it. " guys just shut the fuck up I screamed and walked away. Everyone just stared at me. The boys, the fans and especially the paparazzi. " sorry everyone" I yelled "I just can't deal with this at the moment." They all understood they all knew what was going on. "flight 18 to America now boarding" came a voice.from the intercom. that was our flight. I walked to gate 2. My head Hung low. I ignored everyone and got in my seat. Louis tried to speak to me but I just wasn't in the mood. I lay back in my chair and fell asleep. "shit hazza wake up" I heard Louis scream " we are crashing" fuck i said to myself. I turned round and saw niall in tears. The pilot was telling everyone not to move but I couldnt leave niall like that. He was so scared and sitting alone. I ran towards him. "nialler its ok" I told him as i ran toward him. I was about 5 foot away from him when the plane hit the water. The windows smashed and glass flew everywhere. 1 peice hit me right in the arm. I screamed in pain but that wasn't the worst bit. Suddenly icy cold water filled the plane. "guys stay above water and the and et out the windows" I called. All four of them had gone and I went to leave. But the plane had started to sink under the pressure of the water. As I truest to get out the window I hit my head. Thats the last thing I remember.
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