wrecked (one direction)

One direction are on their way to America when their plane crashes. Stranded alone on a desert island. Or so they think. They meet two girls who have been on this island for 10 months now and between them try and find a way off the island.


4. im gonna pick up the pieces

louis p.o.v


i know that it sounds wierd but as the oldest of the group i feel like its my duty to protect them. i know im not daddy direction but still i really cared for these boys and after harry died and had to brought back to life everyone needed reassuring. i looked at the mysterious blonde girl. who was she and whhy was she here. i looked at the clearness of the ocean. it was not polluted which showed that not many boats came here.so we were stranded on a desert island with no means of communication. oh great this was going to be interesting. the rest of us boys were fine. minus a few scratches and bruises we were unharmed. it was harry that wewere all worried about. after his "death" earlier he seemed to be recovering pretty well but he still ad a deep hole in the side of this arm from where the glass shard was. "oh shit" cried a mysterious brown haired girl who was treating harrys arm. "this is gonna need stitches or else its gonna get infected which will eventually lead to amputation" i saw harry wince at the word amputation. boy he had had it rough this past week. first jenette and now this. "do you happen to have any stitches?" i asked the brown haired girl " of course i fucking dont" she said "what do i look like a medical cabnet." " if it helps" niall piped in "there were some stitches in the bathroom of the plane. in the medical box. i was looking for a plaster after giving myself a papercut" he held up his thumb showing us a very soggy plaster. everyone couldnt help but laugh. " im sorry niall" she replied "unless someone wants to go back on the plane and get them its gonna have to be amputation. and im sure nobody wants to go back on the plane." everyone but me looked at liam. afterall he was daddy direction. but he looked so scared. did nobody but me sense the fear in his eyes. "ill go" i said "im the oldest andits my job to look after you" hazza looked like he was gonna cry "no boobear" he cried " i know what it feels like to die and im not gonna let you have to feel it to" i just stared in his bright green eyes and saw the fear. everyone was scared-including me- but i had to do it. "harry im going and u cant stop me" i yelled before diving  into the bright blue sea. i could just about see the plane. it wasnt too deep which meant if i timed this perfectly i could make it. of course one misake meant certain death but it would be worth it to try and save my best mate. i took one last look at the boys and breathed in a massive breath. then i went down. it took no time at all to get to the plane but when down there i realised that i was gonna have to open the bathroom door. i swam in through the window and made my way to the bathroom. the door wouldnt budge but i was almost so out of breath that i used the last of my enrgy to open it. it opened thank god. when i got inside there waas just a small space at the top that didnt have water in it. i swam up and breathed. god that felt good. i breathe in and went back under. i fumbled with the cabnet for a few seconds unil it opened. i saw the green medical box and grabbed it before swimming quickly out of the plane. i didnt know if there were definately stitches in the medical box but i was gonna have to trust niall. i could risk anything floating away. as i go to the surface i let out a masive breath and tried as hard as i could to get my breathing back to normal. i heard cheers from the shore. i felt like a real superman. it felt great. when i got to shore i handed the brown haired girl the medical box. then i softly sang to harry " i cant be no superman but for u ill be superhuman and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i just saved ya just saved ur ass again" he laughed " god boobear" he yelled " you are soo cheesy and thanks for saving my ass twice." i couldnt help but smile " no pros hazza" i replied "oh and boobear" he said grabbing on to my arm "your my hero!" he said it in a joking way and a silly voice but i could see that he meant it.

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