wrecked (one direction)

One direction are on their way to America when their plane crashes. Stranded alone on a desert island. Or so they think. They meet two girls who have been on this island for 10 months now and between them try and find a way off the island.


3. im falling to peices

harrys p.o.v


i tried to open my eyes but i couldnt. i knew i was underwater. they would probably never find me. i would die here alone. theywould recover my body.... eventully! but it would be too late. louis would be speechless at the sight of my mangeled body. he wouldnt cry. he would want toobut the tears wouldnt be able to escape his eyes. he would feel so bad that he couldnt cry over his best friends death but eventually he would get over it. elanor would make sure of that. niall wouldnt just cry he would sob, cry, moan,scream and bawl his eyes out. the boys would be there for him. but he would be alone. he would stay in his flat and turn to drink. the boys would then worry about him and set himup on a date. he would fall in love at first sight. i would stay in the back of his mind but essentially i would be forgotten. zayn would stop speaking. not to anyone not even perrie. the bradford bad boy would lose his status. after a month or to he would tel all his feelings to perrie. she woould be there for him and soon he would get over me. and liam well daddy direction wouldnt cry or mope or hide away. he woul stay strong for the boys. they would get annoyed at him for not cryng but they wouldnt know that he would cry himself to sleep every night. eventually he would tell the boys his feelings and they would forgive him. soon after that he wuld move on and carry on living  normal life with danielle. i would be mourned by the fans. but one direction would have to replace me. simon would make sure of it. the fans would then worship him instead. sure i would be missed but not for long. my mum would almost die inside. she would shut herself way from the world and everyone would be worried. gemma would party hard trying to drink the memories of me away. her and mum would fight about it and gemma would threaten to leave. she couldnt though. she couldnt make my mum lose both her kids. they would make up and every year on my birthday they would place flowers on my grave. but other then that they would move on. but i didnt care. if i wasnt here to make them happy then they should be able to mke themselves happy. i dont want any of them to mourn me at all but i know they will. this is the reasonwhy i dont want to die. i have accomplished my life goal to become famous an make my mum proud but if i die i hurt themmore then i hurt me. i could try and stay alive but i knew it was impossible i was phsically unconcious. this is the end i suppose. i waited. not long now and it will all be over. then i felt something or someone. a pair of strong arms lifted me out of the water. was i already dead or had i been saved? they carried me through the water then placed me on a soft surface. the beach i suppose. "does anyone know cpr" i heard louis shout he knew they didnt but he didnt want me to die. i do came an unrecognisable voice. all was silent. i felt her banging on my chest and breathing in my mouth. 1 round over and i still couldnt breathe or open my eyes. she did it all again. round 2 i suppose. after she did this round i could feel my lungs clear. i could breath and boy i was happy. slowely i tried to open my eyes and it worked. they were extremely heavy but still i could open them. i opened them and saw louis face staring at me. "thank fuck hazza" he yelled and gave me a massive hug. " boobear" i told him "as much as i love this my arms kills and no offence but u look like shit!" " that might be cuz i just saved your ass" he replied and we all laughed. god it felt good to live

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