wrecked (one direction)

One direction are on their way to America when their plane crashes. Stranded alone on a desert island. Or so they think. They meet two girls who have been on this island for 10 months now and between them try and find a way off the island.


7. hair fun

louis p.o.v


i knew that once people knew our plane had crashed that there would be a massive search. but there are loads of islands between england and america.i knew that we would be found but the thing that worried me was that what if eleanor had moved on. god i hope we can be found soon because i dont wanna be stuck here forever. harry came over to me and sat on my lap. he looked sad. "whats up haz?" i asked him

"zayn was mean and cut off a bit of my curls" he said showing me a tiny bit of hair that zayn had obviously cut off. i laughed

"do you wanna get him back?" i asked harry. he nodded and smiled. zayn at the moment was fast asleep. i pointed at him then to the shaver that was hanging out of one of the girls suitcases. he smiled at me and then grabbed the shaver. we werent going to be mean and shave all his hair off. we were just going to shave most of it off.


it took 10 minutes but our work was done. there was not muh hair left on his head but what was left made a z and a m. we crept away, put the girls shaver bak and went to where the others were. nobody had seen us do it to zayn so it would be a shock to them aswell.


half and hour later we heard a scream

"whats happened to zayn" liam asked

"i dunno i have been with you the whole time." liam nodded. we got to zayn to find him clutching onto the remains of his hair looking into a mirror crying. wheneveryone saw him they all looked a bit shoked but everyone laughed. "who did this?" he screamed but nobody knew. so nobodyanswered him.


the next day


i woke up and stared at harry. his curls were gona and all that was left was a shiny bald head. "oh shit" i cried ad reached for my own head. nothing. i went outside and saw liam and niall cluthing their bald naked head. fuck zayn really. the girls still had all of ther hair beause even zayn isnt that mean. just then harry emerged and laughed at us all. we looked at him and then the realisation hit him. "no" he cried cluthing his newly naked head "not my beautiful curls" we all laughed it was pretty funny. we saw zayn asleep again and liam smirked. something liam never does. he pulled a permanent marker out of his pocket. after 10 minutes zayns head was full of "i love harry" and "louis is a sexy beast" "niall is the man" and "u friking shaved all our head man, liam" it was so funny. we walked off and waited for him to realise. it wasnt long before h came over to us with a face like thunder. "hey man you shaved all of our heads. what do you expect?" just then i saw a boat heading our way.

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