wrecked (one direction)

One direction are on their way to America when their plane crashes. Stranded alone on a desert island. Or so they think. They meet two girls who have been on this island for 10 months now and between them try and find a way off the island.


6. finding out

nobodys p.o.v


nicola and charlotte got to the airport. they waved their families goodbye. born on the sam day they could be twins. but they werent, just best friends. it was their 18th birthday and as a present their families decided to fly them over to england to se there favourite band on their take me home tour. this band wasn one direction. they got on the plane along with all the passengers and set off. the plane crashed onto this mysterious island. none of the passengers died. however nicola and charlotte ended up on a different side of theisland to all the others. they set off tofind them walking the whole length of the island. after 3 long exhausting hours of walking they appeared at the place where the other passengers had been. bu it was too late. in the distance they saw a boat driveaway with all the other passengers on it. "fuck" shouted nicola ( the blonde one) "its fine nicky" shouted charlotte "they left all the food here. theres enough food for us to last here alive for about a year."


louis p.o.v


"and thats how we got here" she said finishing. "oh my god shit." i said "so you are here because of us." she looked at me in the eyes and smiled "essentially" she replied. i couldnt help but laugh. "so whats your and your friends names?" i asked her " well" she started "im nicola but u can call me nicky and thats charlotte but she prefers to be calle charlie." i  looke at her in the eyes and smiled. "well nicky i should probably say that niall has a masive crush on you." she looked at me with confusion in her eys. "what niall said that?" she asked me "well no." i replied "but by the way he has been constantly staring at you, you can tell he is oiiiiiiiii niiiiiiaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll" i called "get your bum over here now" he ran over to me. " niall this is nicky, nicky this is niall. there you go you have been introduced. now hook up." i said and walked off smiling. boy i felt good. i went over to hazza "im sorry hazza i didnt mean to shout at ya im justnot feeling the best today" he looked at me and just laughed . "its ok boobear." he replied and we gave eachother a massive bear hug. ahhhh thank god i thoght to myself larry stylinson is back.


simon cowells p.o.v


quite a nice day i thought to myself. one diretion are off to america. which means that they ar going to make themselves bigger. im so proud of those boys. they hve come so far since 2010. "shit simon shit shit shit." ame my assistant michaels voice. "what is it michael?" i asked. "um well" he replied " on directions plane has gone down some where between greenland and america. we have no reason to believe any of them are dead and we have sent out a rescue team. they are going to search every island betwen grenland and america.i kniow there is like 100 of them but we will do it as quickly as possible." i looked at him. well this day just went majorally down hill i thought to myslf. "go michael then save them boys." he left and i turned on the news. "breaking news, one directions plane has crashd on their way to america. nobody has had any news of them yet." fuck i cried as i turned of the telly how did they know of this before me.


eleanors p.o.v


i sat in my room with a tub of ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream. dani sat next to me. neither of us had left the house since we were caught cheating. but it wasnt our fault. we were drugged. we tried to explain to louis and liam but they had both been so upset that the wouldt talk to either of us. i knew they couldnt face it andi knew hat it wasnt their fault. if i caught louis cheating i wouldnt want to let him explain. i know i eventually would but fornow i guess i should just let thm be. i turned on th telly an there it was "breaking news, one directions plane has crashed on their way to america. no body has any news of themybut it is believed that they may have crashed somewhere between greenland and america. all we can do is hope that they are all ok whilst the search for them goes ahead. i turnd off the telly and cried. i hugged dani and we stayed like that till i got a call from perri. "el" she said "i know you and louis arent together at the mo but have you heard the news?" i took a deep breath. "yh" i replied as camly as possible. "right" perrie replied "you and dani get up, us 3 are ging to simons office and deanding to know whats happening. you have 10 minutes and ill be there." then she hung up. "dani" i called "get up we are going to find out whats going on." 10 minutes later perrie appeared and we all went to simons office together.


perries p.o.v


i stormed into simons office. "simon cowell what the hell is going on with our boyfriends?" i shouted. "chil perrie, a search for them is being snt out for them today." i looked at him "wel then us 3 want to go with them. dont we girls." dani and el nodded. simon looked at us for a moment. " fine go pack your bags and then meet paul here in 1 hour he will go with you to escort you." i looked at simon and nodded in appreciation. we left first we went to danisand got clothes for her, liam an some of nialls which he left there when he used to sleep roun alot. then it was to els. whilst there we got clothes for her, louis and harry who frequently slept round there as well. then it wasoff to mine for clothes for me and zayn. the boys suitcases probably drowned along with their phones and stuff. all w could do now is hope that all 5 of them would be ok

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