Over Again

Sara Alvarez went to school with her bestfriend Harry until he left for The X-Factor.He became famous and was apart of a group called One Direction.And Sara misses her bestfriend. 2 years pass. She is a directioner. She goes to a meet and greet (Nialls Girl) and she expects to say hi to Harry to see if he remembers her. And also to get Niall to like her she goes with her bff Mishelle(also a directioner) Little did Sara know she attractd 3/5 of the guys.Who are they?


2. Why Niall

Harry's P.O.V

Dissapointment washed over me. She liked Niall....And I love her and i can tell Zayn was mad to cause  knew he fancied her when he saw her.Niall didnt look like he had intrest. But its Niall and you never know what goes through the boys head.

"so you guys still want the autographs right?" Louis says braking the tension."of course we do the only reason we both came her besides Sara seeing if you remebered her and to try to get-" Mishelle was interupted by Sara."shut up" Mishelle laughs. Who was she trying to get I  bet it was Niall. I roll my eyes."well here you go signed albums"Liam says."would you two girls want to go back to the flat?" Zayn says. Oh no he is not gonna get Sara."umm we don't wanna be a bother.." Mishelle says. "oh come on you guys are delightful!" Louis says putting his arm around Mishelle. Did he like her? Then Louis says something into Mishelle's ear and she giggles.He still has his arm around her and shes awkwardly standing in his arm. We walk to the car. "umm Paul these girl are coming with us back to the flat." I say."uhh okay.." he says we get in the car. "umm guys we really dont wanna be a bother and we dont fit so-" Sara says. "No your coming Sit on my lap!" Zayn says. Sara enters the car and sits on his lap. Zayn wraps his arm around his waist. He whispers something in her ear and she puts her head down and blushes. She leans back and her back is on his chest. Jealousy hit me and i clench my fist.


Zayn P.O.V

Not gonna lie Sara caught my eye. I knew Harry liked her I can see it in his eyes. They have been bestfriends since birth. I think he loved her. But that wasn't gonna stop me. This girl seemed diffrent. We were all in the car. And Sara was sitting on my lap. Niall was next to me Harry was to. And Mishelle and Louis were in the back. Mishelle she was a cute girl she had everything A guy would love but Sara caught my eye so bad I cant explain. When sara sat on my lap. I whispered something to her. "your really beautiful you know?" She just puts her head down and i can see her cheeks go red. I take my heads off her waist grab her hands that are on her lap. And interlock them. She doesn't pull away so I'll take it as its working!

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