Over Again

Sara Alvarez went to school with her bestfriend Harry until he left for The X-Factor.He became famous and was apart of a group called One Direction.And Sara misses her bestfriend. 2 years pass. She is a directioner. She goes to a meet and greet (Nialls Girl) and she expects to say hi to Harry to see if he remembers her. And also to get Niall to like her she goes with her bff Mishelle(also a directioner) Little did Sara know she attractd 3/5 of the guys.Who are they?




Hi im Sara Alvarez im 19. I'm funny to be around with.I love Smiling :D Say anything i want when i feel like saying. Confident. And a very and i mean VERY care free. I have wavy brown hair and Im petite size. I got big brown eyes that are beautiful. Lol oh and i forgot to tell you something. Enjoy the story ;)  if you dont your lost ;) Mishelle Rivera is care free to way to care free shes funny too shes 18. And a tall skiny girl.not curvy! just skinny :'] she eats the whole world and still be skinny. She laughs way to much.But you gotta love the girl.We live in our OWN apartment together.



Sara's P.O.V

"Rebeca!! hurry were gonna be late for the meet and greet." I scream at her. I'm still in shock that were going to mee the one and only 'ONE DIRECTION' WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR AGES TO MEET THEM!!! Calm down Sara. "Calm your self we're meeting One Direction I need to look goooooooooood" She says coming downstairs.We go in the car and head to Centre Park Mall. "all your f*cking fault were last!" I say(i can't put the u cause my mom is watching me O.O) "Sorry for trying to loook good for 'One Direction'" She says sarcastically. In the line we talk for alot. But I drift off thinking about 1D.


So I knew Harry he was a best friend since birth i mean literlly we were born at the same date at the same time diffrent mothers and hi room was next to mine. He left in the middle of high school years for X-Factor. I mean i went to his audition. I was happy he got accepted i was suppose to right. But i was sad cause he was leaving me. I told Mishelle this but she forgets stuff fast.  "Harry congratulation!!" I say going to hug him. He hugs me back. I start crying realising he was put i a group with other four guys and hes leaving to perform live shows. Weeks past he was in the final three i went to his live shows. Never got to meet the guys thoe weird right.Well they got voted off but then got signed my the 'Simon Cowell' and they got famous and i never heard of Harry ever Again in 2012 there song "What Makes you beautiful' got famous.and i be came a directioner..so here i am meeting my inpiration.my everything.


" Sara?" Mishelle says. "ready to see if Harry remembers you?" she says pointing. Were close to them 6 more girls infront of us. "yeah but you know to see my husband since i am Sara Horan" I say. We both laugh. "Well Mrs.Horan were up next." "well Mrs.Syles so we are so we are." We laugh. "whats so funny?" Louis Ask. "nothing inside jokes" I say. Louis stares at me for a while. I stare back. "yeap" Is all i can say.. " I wanna laugh!" Louis said. "Well Louis its gonna ruin are inside jokes I will tell you when you are worthy" i say. He laughs"aha you funny you know?" "i try.Since were last in line we can take as long as we want."so your Name?" He says. "Sara " I say and smile. "say that again." I hear someone say. I turn my head it was harry.omg he remembered. " My name is Sara Alvarez" I say hoping he remembers. Soon all the boys turn there head. Mishelle just stands there awkwardly shes shy...


"Sara? Its really you?" Harry says. He get from the table and hugs me and i hug back. "keychane?" I say. He understood. By now all the boys were standing and so was Mishelle. "still have it look." HArry says. He took out half a heart and i showed my necklece we had these since we were 10. "i can't believe its you! " He says.


Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe it her. I missed her so much. She's the love of my life and i've never told her cause i never had the guts. I still think about her. I've tried to forget about er. But I couldnt. I haven't told the guys either. This time im not letting her go.

"Mind introducing us to her?" Zayn says. He cant take his eyes aways from her.Instantly i knew he fancied her. Zayn always likes the same girls  I do! "oh yeah sorry." "sara this is Zay-" "I know who you guys are im a directioner I practically know everything about you guys" She looks down and blushes of embarrasment on what she said. "well......Im Mishelle! " A tall skinny girl smiles and waves at all of us."She my best friend you should get to know her she funny and weird." Sara whispers to me. Was she trying to set me up with Mishelle dont get m ewrong shes pretty and anything a guy woulddie for but  I love Sara...


"well love nice to meet you"Liam says smiling cheekely at her. "sorry were are my  manner...Nice to meet you" Niall says. Heading to shake Sara and Mishelles hand.Sara blushes when Niall touches her hand. Sara likes Niall.... I put my head down in dissapointemet. What Happens next.


~A/N~ Hey guys Rebeca here This is a story im wrinting with yes THE  Sara Alvarez Lmfao. so yeah i write odd number chapters she write even. Ok k :D hope you liked it





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