Age is just a number

i stood there smiling like a mainiac. one direction was standing right in front of me. holy crap. nialls turning around. i woke up to my best friend lily waking me up.


2. the circle

jennifers pov

like i knew one direction was going to be at are school! i was walking up the stairs to the door at wmbh (west minister bed hill), and i saw some people getting mobbed, i thought it was tarra, linly, and salliet, the most snotty, bratty people in school. but as i was walking past, i saw them on the outside of the circle of girls. i decided to get on the inside of the circle. then i saw him. the most beautiful creature i the land. NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!                           

                                                                                                 nialls pov

then, i saw her, the most beautiful creature ive ever seen. she was comming near me. she was about to grab my shoulder... hi, do want any help? she shouted over the crowd. yes plase! we all shouted back at the same time. she reached for my hand, and it reminded me of C'mon C'mon. i started to sing. she giggled. i didn't relize that i was singing out-loud. i stopped singing an blushed. she was like, its ok, it was actually really, really good. well thank you miss... oh yeah! my name she laughed. my name is jennifer, but you can call me jenn.

                                                                                                       louis' pov

i could tell niall had a crush, and that jenn girl had a crush. it was funny watching niall blush at everything she said. i could tell harry was jealous.i walked over to him. whats the matter harry? someone got a crush? i said in a little sad chipmunk voice.


                                                                 nialls pov


sooooooo.......... are you a directioner? i asked. ummm..... yeah, but i dont fangirl... like this one time, i was backstage at a coldplay concert and i didnt fangirl them! she said. i chuckled. well, i like your accent... were have i heard it? she laughed. her laugh was beautiful. im irish, came from irland, and i plan to move back... when im older, married, and have kids, i want them to be full irish though... and its hard to find irish men here... she said. my heart stopped, i think she was refering to me. i thought you didnt fangirl. i  laughed. im not! she smiled and blushed. well, your staring at me like youve never seen me before! she looked at me with a confused face. what? i asked her. well... i havent ever seen you, and i never expected to talk to you! she giggled.

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