Age is just a number

i stood there smiling like a mainiac. one direction was standing right in front of me. holy crap. nialls turning around. i woke up to my best friend lily waking me up.


1. ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was at nandos. i dont know how i got here sooo, dont ask me. i was standing in line, smiling like a mainiac. one direction was standing right in front of  me. holy crap. niall is turning around. i woke up to my best friend lily waking me up. wow.... i said sarcasticly. lily grabbed my hand, come watch whats on the telly! she yelled. is it who i think it is!? i telled expecting her to know what i was thinking. ummm.... what are you thinking about? ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i yelled so loud that in about 10 minutes we got comliant calls from the nieghbors. i yell a lot, maybe before i get into telling you my story, i should tell you what i look like. i have blueish-greenish eyes, long blond hair, short (5'7). and irish. lily is really pretty, she has black outlining the iris of her blue eyes with green circiling the pupil, long, wavy brunette hair, shes pretty tall, at a height of about, 5'9. shes english. she crushes on harry and liam. i crush on niall. maybe i should tell you my name... katniss from the hunger games. jk. its actually jennifer. hold the appluase everybody. anyway, i was right. it was one direction. i cried when niall sang. it sounded like an angel.

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