Age is just a number

i stood there smiling like a mainiac. one direction was standing right in front of me. holy crap. nialls turning around. i woke up to my best friend lily waking me up.


3. chapter 3

jennifers pov                      why does pizza taste sooo good? i asked after a long day at school. i dont know maybe because it just does?! whoa!! i half yelled. whats wrong?! NOTHING!she screamed. after that i went out on the balcony of our dorm, ( its a good college) and looked at the persons balcony right next to ours. the next door neighbor came out and looked at our balcony, he had curly brown hair, and was slightly naked. WTF?!?!?! he looked at our balcony and waved politly and blushed. HI! he yelled with his deep british accent. i knew right away it was harry styles... aaaaahhhhhh!!!! i never knew college could be so much fun!! hi! i yelled. well this is awkward... he said. yyeeaahh kinda is... i said back. well maybe i should put some clothes on and introduce my self properly. ok! i said. be there in like 10! ok.... crud! i mummbled under my breath. i didnt know that he was comming over! i went inside to clean. lily must be in her room because she wasnt in the den. as i said before, nice dorm. i cleaned up, and i thought why not take a 3 minute shower? so i got undressed, and then i heard a knock on the door, crap i whispered to myself. so i had to put on a towel and go see who was there. pooheads it was harry. hi... i said. oh well, it looks like we swiched sides... haha ya somthinng like that... harrys pov hen she came to answer the door she was in  a towel, oh well' looks like weve switched sides... not cool harry not cool! haha, ya somthing like that.... soooo im harry styles nice to meet you... i put my hand out so we could shake, but when she put hers out, her toywel kinda fell off. she just stood there, i think that she was kinda shocked or somthing. she slowly snappedback from lala land and picked up her towel. uuuuummmmm.... she picked up her towel and threw it over her nude body. hi im jennifer she said shyly...                                                                       

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