The Girl In Stripes & Beanies

Heyy. Im the LOUIS TOMLINSONS SISTER. Im 17 turning 18 and my name is Kara Tomlinson. I also wear Stripes And I love beanies but i dont have that much ^. You may be like "OMG NO FAIR" or like "OMG YOU GET EVERYTHING I WANTED" well no i dont I mean he is a great brother but he can be digusting. Another is that no one saw me he never EVER shown me the boys I really want to meet he always tells me i will but i know he wont. Well Its MY B-Day and he says that I have a suprise I wonder if i finallly get to meet the boys .................................................. I hope they arent as gross as Lou is. :/.


6. Woah this really is a suprise

                                                           Evalynns POV


   So I dont know whats going on with Lou he is acting all weird. Maybe another fan sent him a big bag of carrots again! "Kara go put nice clothes on" Lou said. "Whats wrong with what I have on right now?" I said affended. "I have a suprise for you so go hurry your butt up" Lou said adding the sass. I trugded upstairs and wore this outfit:

     Then I went back downstairs and there they were. I took a look at each and every one of them.. But why were there 5. Wait could that be?

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