The Girl In Stripes & Beanies

Heyy. Im the LOUIS TOMLINSONS SISTER. Im 17 turning 18 and my name is Kara Tomlinson. I also wear Stripes And I love beanies but i dont have that much ^. You may be like "OMG NO FAIR" or like "OMG YOU GET EVERYTHING I WANTED" well no i dont I mean he is a great brother but he can be digusting. Another is that no one saw me he never EVER shown me the boys I really want to meet he always tells me i will but i know he wont. Well Its MY B-Day and he says that I have a suprise I wonder if i finallly get to meet the boys .................................................. I hope they arent as gross as Lou is. :/.


5. The text

                              Louis P.O.V


   Oh My Carrots! Today is the day that I finally let Kara meet the boys! So, I was just sitting on my bed when I got a text from Harry.

                      -CurlyyBoyy-  Hey can I ask you something?  -CurlyyBoyy


                     -Me- Yeah sure wass ^ mate?                  


                    -CurlyyBoyy- Can I bring Ed with us he wants to say hi to u and umm yeah


                   -Me- Fine


                    CurlyyBoyy- Thanks bye


  sorry so short but you will see why

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