The Girl In Stripes & Beanies

Heyy. Im the LOUIS TOMLINSONS SISTER. Im 17 turning 18 and my name is Kara Tomlinson. I also wear Stripes And I love beanies but i dont have that much ^. You may be like "OMG NO FAIR" or like "OMG YOU GET EVERYTHING I WANTED" well no i dont I mean he is a great brother but he can be digusting. Another is that no one saw me he never EVER shown me the boys I really want to meet he always tells me i will but i know he wont. Well Its MY B-Day and he says that I have a suprise I wonder if i finallly get to meet the boys .................................................. I hope they arent as gross as Lou is. :/.


4. Ran into 2

Evalynn POV I was walking out and texting my Eleanor and being the clumsy me I am and not paying attention I ran walked into someone and spilty coffee. "Ey watch where your going you-" He said but pausing and looking straight at my Hazel Blue eyes. "I am so sorry I didnt mean to I wasnt even paying atten-" but before I could finish he cut me off with his deep British accent far from mine and Lou's. "Look its fine really I'm Harry........Harry Styles" Harry said smirking. "Im Evelynn Nice to meet you" I said politely. "Wow you have a weird way of showing it" Harry Joked. I giggled along with his high-pitched laugh. whoa I would never expect his husky voice to come out a high pitched laugh. Which made me laugh even more. This dude is quite the joker Lou would love him. Oh no Lou I can't trust him alone at the house. "I'm sorry but I have to go" I said. Walking away. "wait you forgot your phone, love" he said catching up to my steady pace. "Thanks". *Skip Walk* I got home and sat down once I finally got settled I got a text. Augghhh. Wait maybe it was Ed. I opened it and saw an unknown number. It read: Hey That was an amazing way of meeting u -XxXx- Harry ;). Wow that dude is quite the charmer.

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