A Matter of Manners

There are so many emotions that follow in my footsteps. Sometimes they catch up with me. This is what happens when a fierce combination of unsatisfaction and loneliness overwhelm me


1. A Matter of Manners


 A Matter of Manners


Unsatisfaction terrifies me

Because I know the reality of its presence.

Lurking in the darkness

Under my bed

A personal ghost

Haunting every fibre of my being.

Creeping into my lungs

Becoming part of my exhaled words.

Sighing as I see it

Standing behind me

In the mirror

Mimicking my beliefs

Reflecting my thoughts.

Idling in the background of

Forced smiles in

Family photographs.

Surfacing when we say

The things we shouldn’t.

Resentment burns my

Soul black and makes

My blood to run cold.

But slowly I am becoming less afraid

As I know its purpose as an

Inner demon to

Favour my failures.

One day I will defeat it.

In the mean time

I practice what society has preached.

I take its hand

Together we stroll

Exclaiming at the weather

Secretly praying for each other’s

Immediate disappearance.

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