Impossibly confused

Where has your brain gone?


1. Started confused so clearly

To see the beauty of absolute failure,
To find what is still missing.
To give what you have yet to relinquish,
To praise what you still don't believe in.
A passionate heart grows weary of the love it received ,
A dog bites the bone of its own leg.
A mother cries, sad to be happy once again,
A child is born...
Lights so bright that I cannot see in the darkness,
Holding the hand of my shadow as we walk while I remain seated.
Treasures so priceless, I became so rich once never again,
So confused by life's mysteries, that I understand it so well.
Imagination is so powerful, yet we are weak when we dream
An education can take you so far that you can run out of gas
Relax, its only am excerise for your mind, nothing is what it seems

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