Hetalia Oneshots

Just a collection of short little oneshots that either pair the reader or two of the characters together. I hope you enjoy~!


2. FrancexJapan (oh how I love the crack)

England looked up when Japan and France walked in, holding hands. "So the lovebirds finally return," he said, smiling mischievously.

Japan blushed, letting go of France's hand and looking away. France just smiled down lovingly at his boyfriend.

Colorado ran in holding up a drawing. "Hey England! Look who I drew! Japan and France!" he said holding up a drawing of the pair kissing.

"Oh look, were you spying on the pair today?" England laughed soon to be joined in by Colorado.

"W-we-" Japan trailed off blushing. "We didn't kiss today," France said sighing.

"Then why not now?" England said, smiling.

"W-what?" stuttered Japan looking up at England.

"Go on! Kiss him right now!" urged England again.

France smiled down at Japan, patting his head. "I won't unless Japan is okay with it," the blonde said.

Japan flushed looking from England to France. Without another word, he ran from the room.

"Japan!" France reached an arm out to his boyfriend who had already left the room. Shooting a glare back at England, he ran after Japan.

England sat back shocked. "Didn't he know I was joking?" Colorado shook his head. "I doubt he did, that's why he ran off," he said, sitting next to Iggy on the couch.

Japan ran into a closet, shut the door behind himself, and locked it. Soon to follow was France, banging on the door. "Japan!" he called. "Let me in!"

Japan shrunk back into the corner, ignoring the Frenchman.

France sighed and stopped banging on the door. "If you don't let me in, I'll be forced to kick down the door." No answer. "Fine." France took a couple steps back, then with all his might, he kicked down the door. Climbing into the closet, France sat down next to Japan, putting an arm around him. "Japan...that stupid Brit is just jealous," France said softly into Japan's ear. Japan still said nothing. France sighed.

"France...?" Japan asked suddenly. "Oui?" France replied.

"Do you think I'm a bad kisser?" Japan asked.

"Of course not, mon amour."

"But...I am...you don't have to rie."

"I'm not lying," France said gently. He lifted a hand up, softly touching Japan's face. France turned to face the other man, taking his face in his hands. Slowly, he leaned down, pushing his lips against Japan's.

Japan sat there for a few seconds, then leaned back. "You don't have to put up with me just to get your point across," he mumbled.

France smiled, getting a little frustrated. "Mon amour, you don't get it," he said.

Japan looked up at him, tears in his eyes.

"It doesn't matter if you're a good kisser or not. It helps, honhonhon, but that's besides the point. It matters how much your partner loves you," France said softly.

Japan didn't say anything. He sat there and gazed up into France's eyes.

Slowly, France began to lean down again, getting closer and closer to Japan's lips. Their lips met and this time Japan didn't back away. France pulled Japan into his lap, still kissing him. They broke the kiss off, breathing hard.

"Vous etes incroyable. Je t'aime," France muttered into Japan's ear.

"What does that mean?" Japan asked, looking up at France.

"You are amazing. I love you."

Japan smiled. "You are more amazing than arr the stars. I rove you," he said back.

France smiled and brought Japan's head to his chest. "I may be the luckiest man in the world," he said playing with the other man's hair.

"Why?" Japan asked.

"Because I have you."

Japan smiled, hugging France.

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