The crash (one direction)

Nixie and amber were on there way to Australia when there plane takes a unexpected crash. However one direction were on the same plane.... Harry and Niall takes a liking for nixie and amber but will it be too late?


2. The crash-part two.



    Louis pov


  I listened in horror as the pilot said we were crashing from the storms. I looked up to see zayn sitting there obviously in shock

as what the pilot just announced. I went over to him and hugged him tight. He was really scared but he in ever shows his scared because his the Bradford bad boy. "It's gonna be alright zayn it will be over before you know it" I assured him. He nodded in return. I looked at Niall who was just sitting there crying. I wanted to go over to him but I couldn't leave zayn alone... Not like this. I turned around and started looking for Liam or Harry. Harry was still asleep. No wonder he only had about 3 hours sleep. Liam was trying to wake him up. I then got plummeted into the icy cold water. I grabbed onto zayn and Niall and held onto a piece of what looks like a door. I then realised we were missing Harry and Liam. Liam however was swimming over to us before he stuttered "have you seen Ha-ha-Harry?" I could easily tell that he was cold but then it hit me. "HAZZA" I shouted. I looked to the far right to see a lump of curly hair come out of the water but then consumed by the waves. "Stay above the water Harry" I yelled hoping he would take my advise. Liam looked were I was looking but he was gone. Just like that. "HARRY STYLES WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" He shouted. That was weird. Liam never shouted after all he was daddy direction ;) I started to feel the cold and started to shiver. Everyone turned and looked at me, wide eyed. "Wh-hatt?" I whispered.

"Your lips and face Lou there errm blue!" Niall replied. I just shook my head and said "whatever we need to find Harry guys we need to find him, he only had 3 hours sleep he can't keep fighting much longer". As I said that 2 beautiful girls screamed. I swam over to them and asked "what's the matter love?" They shook there heads crying and said "Harry his sinking his over there we can't get to him he has a massive cut down  his neck and he looks ... He looks" the chestnut coloured haired girl replied and started crying. 

"Tell me love and by the way what's your name?" I reassured.

"we'll I'm amber and this is nixie and he looks.... Dead" she muttered shaking from the bitterness of the water. I tried to hold back the tears but I couldn't I mean seriously how the hell am I Ment to keep back the tears when my best mate is drowning and looks dead. I started to let the tears fall freely down my face. I felt a hand on my back and looked. Niall,Liam and zayn were there swimming along with the scraps if the plane. "What's the matter boobear?" Liam asked softly."amber and nixie said that Harry's sinking with a massive cut down his neck and he looks like his dead" I shouted out trying to calm my nerves. I don't know why I am angry but I just am I looked underwater to try and see if I could see Harry's curly locks or his emerald eyes. I thought I saw his body...wait did i?! "Lou mate try and calm down let's find a piece of the plane and get us and nixie and amber to safety" I felt anger. Was he just going to let Harry die like this. I stared into the water again, I could still see it. Without thinking i dived in rescuing my mate.


Liams pov

"Lou mate try and calm down let's find a piece of the plane and get us and nixie and amber to safety" as soon as I said that I immediately regretted it. I couldn't just let one of my best mates die like that. I saw anger build in Louis face before he looked down at the rough water and dived in. "LOUIS" zayn and Niall screamed. Me,nixie and amber swam over to we're he dived in. I tried to look through the murky water and could faintly make out Louis holding... Wait is that ... It is!! "NIALL,ZAYN GRAB THE DOOR I THINK LOUIS HAS HARRY" I shouted. Niall and zayn grabbed the door before swimming as fast as they could over to me. I saw Louis come up to the water gasping for air. I stared down into his hands horrified into what I saw. That was most defiantly Harry.  

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