The crash (one direction)

Nixie and amber were on there way to Australia when there plane takes a unexpected crash. However one direction were on the same plane.... Harry and Niall takes a liking for nixie and amber but will it be too late?


5. The animal


Liam's pov

       After nixie saved Harry's life me Niall and zayn went exploring. Well I guess you could call it exploring for Niall and zayn but for me it was more like finding shelter I mean really we needed somewhere to sleep undercover. "Do you think Harry's gonna be alright?" Niall asked. I nodded and picked up some odd looking berries. "Oo oo berries I want some" before I could answer Niall had them and ate them. "NO" I yelled making them jump. I took a deep breath and started again "you can't eat them because we don't know if there poinious or not!" Niall stood there frozen. At first I thought it was from the berries but then He screamed "I just ate poinious berries AHHHHH" and hugged zayn. Zayn chuckled and started walking to find shelter again. I wonder how long it would take before the poinsion begins to show. Wait why the hell am I saying that I should be thinking yay at least his not dead yet but I'm not... I was interrupted by a scream... I turned to find nialland zayn standing there "did you scream?!" I asked "no it sounded like boo bear" I sprinted back to the beach but I didn't find Harry or nixie or amber. Ah they properly went to see. I took of in the direction they went in (AN one direction hehee) and sure enough found them. Oh dear that's just what we wanted.


       Nixies pov

 after saving Harry's life I went over and sat on a rock looking out to sea. I saw Harry and amber talking but I couldn't make out what they were saying. After a good couple of minutes Harry left but soon came back crying. I was going to go over there but the n the both leaned in to kiss. I smiled they would make a perfect couple. I was soon brought back to reality by a scream. Not any old scream but boobears scream. I sprinted with Harry and amber over to the scream. Louis was on the floor covered in scratches and bruises. But on the side was a massive claw mark. Wait claw. Oh god that means we are not alone. Before I could say anything the animal was back. Long silky black fur,bulging yellow eyes, white razor sharp teeth... Just what we wanted a panther!? We stood completely still watching the cat and Louis out of our eyes. Louis was just about conscious but would soon drift into unconscious. Suddenly Liam,Niall and zayn appeared... Gggrreeaatt timing boys just great! They screeched to a stop as the panther turned to face them. I know it's stupid but I really just wanted to cuddle this panther.. Weird I know but then again I'm not normal :) "Liam,Niall,zayn grab Louis when I say so got it" I calmly said. The panther turned and faced me. I relaxed and put my hand out to stroke it. Surprisingly he turned into a massive big kitten and purred. Ah he was sooo cute. I looked at Harry's and Amber's face and they were shocked. I gestured to them to come over and stroke him but they didn't want to... Didn't blame them really. I think the cat was going to protect us from everything as we walked back to the beach so I could help. Mickey, yes I've named the cat mickey because mickeys a cool name, kept nudging my shoulder asking for a stoke but I needed to help Louis I simply said "later mickey I've now got to help my friend" he moved backwards and layed down. Niall smiled at me and I blushed. Damn girl why did I have to blush... Just act coooll. So I did I ripped off the bottom of Louis shirt and wrapped it across his small cuts. He winced in pain but what's just about to happen will hurt even more....



         Harry's pov

Just as me amber and nixie got to Louis I was frozen. I mean there was a freaking panther there who has already mulled over Louis. "Hazza,amber,nixie leave me be i need to be panished  after what I did to you Hazza" Louis nearly whispered. "NO BOOBEAR YOU WERE JUST NOT THINKING STRAIGHT" my eyes widened as the cat turned to face me but then faced nixie and amber. This was when I was starting to get really protective about amber. I grabbed her arm and pulled her away so the cat was just facing nixie. Oops I erm forgot about her. Just then Liam,Niall and zayn appeared. "Liam,Niall and zayn when I say so go and get Louis" she said confidently as she placed a hand to the panthers head.. Oh god there's one hand gone bye bye hand. But to everyone's surprise the big cat pured. Ah he was pretty cute. Nixie gestured to us to stroke him but I was not going to touch that thing.. She smiled and carried on. I walked away to find my boobear. He was siting on the sand. Eyes open,cutee covered his arms but on his chest was three massive claw marks. EW, it looked discusting but my thoughts were interrupted when nixie walked in panther behind her. He or she whatever it was nudged her arm saying he wanted a stroke she simply said "later mickey I've got to help my friend" she looked up to Niall and started blushing... Aww cute couple alert. The panther... Or I think his name is mickey layed down waiting. Nixie started by ripping off a piece of boobears stripy top and placing it on small-ish cuts. Then she grabbed some sort of medicine and placed it on the big cut. Boobear let out a ear piercing scream. He winced in pain and started to cry. I placed my hand on his hand and said "it's alright boobear we are all going to be alright" Niall looked at us weirdly. He was kind of pale and sweaty but he just pushed It aside him. Something was up...

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