The crash (one direction)

Nixie and amber were on there way to Australia when there plane takes a unexpected crash. However one direction were on the same plane.... Harry and Niall takes a liking for nixie and amber but will it be too late?


7. Shelter

       Nixies pov

          Thank god niall finally told the truth. From what he described he has been poisoned and is actually quite luckly that he isent dead.. some people would be by now. I walked up to niall and said "I head what you said and it sounds like you've been poisoned, your actually quite lucky most people would be dead by now" Nialls face turned into sadness. He took a big gulp and said "So im going to die?" i shook my head.

"No you would already be dead, but you could try to kill yourself so we need to keep a eye on you. You wont kill yourself intentionally but you could if the berries effect your brain"

Zayn pulled niall into another hug before saying "look its sunset lets go and find the boys and amber and tell them". Niall nodded but didnt say anything. Poor niall, it must of been so hard. I really do love him, i think he deserves to know... i grabbed his arm and pulled him back sending zayn a wink so he knew what i was about to do. Niall looked at me nervously before i told him what my heart felt. "I really like you niall i think that you are amazing. You have a great body and personality, your hair looks amazing and your eyes are so easy to get lost into! I really love you niall i know you will properly say no but you deserve to know" and i looked at the ground. Niall lifted up my head and kissed me. I kissed him back. I really did love him. "Will you be my girlfriend" his question startled me. i nodded and took his hand and skipped over to the beach with my BOYFRIEND :) 


                     Liam pov

  We all went into the forest looking for shelter. Me and lou took the left and harry and amber took the right. I tried finding a cave of some sort but we were surrounded by trees not rocks. I then looked in the far right and saw a waterfall. It looked beautiful even looking from about 7 miles away! The pure blue water, beautiful sunset behind it and the lagoon on the left. I ran over to it and to my surprise on the right was a little cave. It would properly fit all of us in if we all slept together. I was soon brought back to reality as louis came behind me with harry and amber. "Harry,Amber how did you get here?" i questioned.

"Boobear came and found us saying you ran off without him" Amber snickered. I rolled my eyes and pointed to the cave.

"WOW liam you are really good at finding shelters" harry said. I nodded and looked at the sun. It was nearly sun set. OPPS. "Oh my come on we are going to be late" and sprinted off to the beach. I was happy when i saw niall looking a little bit more like himself. "we found shelter and theres a really nice view" Amber said proudly. I looked at nixie and zayn.. they were keeping something from us.

"What, what is it your keeping from us?" i questioned eyeing them suspiciously.

"Well niall here has eaten some berries and is now poisoned. He is actually quite luckly that he isnt dead! But we need to keep a eye on him because he may try to kill himself if the poison gets to his brain" By that point my mouth was litterly open. How could he hide that from us?!

"Niall did you hide that from us?" Harry asked. Niall nodded his head.

"What was the matter?" Harry asked again obviously wanting answers.

"Dizzy,sick,hot,legs gave way,mood swings" he trailed off looking at the floor. I still couldnt understand how he could hide all that! 

"Boys i think we should get going we might not be able to find our way there if we dont hurry up!" i said. They all nodded and i left to show them the way. When we got there everyones eyes were wide. I knew what they were thinking! This was really beautiful! We all climbed the rocks to get to the cave... it kind of smelt but it was warm, that was the main reason we stayed here. Everyone was quietly talking but i went to bed straight away i was just SO tired. 





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