The crash (one direction)

Nixie and amber were on there way to Australia when there plane takes a unexpected crash. However one direction were on the same plane.... Harry and Niall takes a liking for nixie and amber but will it be too late?


4. Mid


Zayns pov

Niall asked Harry where it hurts and he pointed to his neck,chest and head... Well that can't be good. As soon as he did so he yelped. We all looked at each other clueless. Harry's face scrunched up in pain as his chest began to rise up and down quickly causing him to shake. I put my had on his chest to stop him from shaking but it only made things worse. I really didn't get it how did my hand make things get worse!? Amber walked infront of my holding out a hand that shook wildly. She placed it on his chest and began to push. Harry's face scrunched up even more causing me to look away. I couldn't stand seeing my best mate like this. " zayn mate are you alright?" Louis and Liam asked.    "Never better" I replied still facing away. I decided to have a little peek and as I did everyone let out a gasp Harry was sitting there motionless, face emotionless and eyes open not blinking. "HAZZA" Louis shouted. "Louis calm down amber is going to try everything she can... Right amber!?" Liam replied looking at amber. She shook her head sadly and ran over to nixie who sprinted to Harry's aid. He must be dead I mean come on he isn't breathing,he looks dead and his eyes are open. Nixie started giving him CPR. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 finally Harry began to wake up. He made a massive gasp sound as water shot out of his mouth. He then tried to sit up. He winced In pain but he was still alright. Thank god he better not do that again....    

       Louis pov    

"Harry are you alright?" I cried. He has just been given CPR for Christ sake he was dead. "Yea" he replied. My smile was properly the biggest I have ever done! But I don't care at least I know that he is alive. I turned around and started to walk into the forest. The birds reminded me of Eleanor. Wait Eleanor I can't ring her or speak to her for god knows how long. That mad me sad. I mean real real sad.. She was properly crying because I always ring her i was interrupted by Harry's voice "boobear are you ok?" I wondered what he was talking about but then realised I was crying. I don't know why but that just made me angry. "Well Harry YOU are asking ME if I'm alright when YOU were dead a few minutes ago, why are YOU asking ME these questions just GO AWAY" I snapped. I didn't mean to get angry at him but it just happened you know? "Okay I won't bother next time Louis" and with that he ran back over to amber crying. She put her head on the crook of his neck. They do look perfect together. The way that they have the same colour brown hair but Harry's is curly and Amber's is straight. They both had the same bright green eyes and they just looked.. Well WOW together! I think they should kiss. They must of read my mind because they leaned in to kiss. I smiled to myself but was interrupted by a CRACK. A twig snapped from behind me. "He-he-hello is anyone there?" I questioned. Out of no where I was flung onto the ground so I let out a ear piercing scream....


   Amber's pov.

i sat with Harry whilst the rest of the boys went away exploring. He was so peacefully when he slept. I properly looked like Edward Collin from twilight but I don't care he really was amazing. I started to tangle my hands in his hair but his eyes suddenly opened. "Sorry" I mumbled and started to walk away.

"don't go I like your company" he said taking hold of my hand. I blushed and looked into his eyes. He was really handsome. I smiled and sat down again. 

"So amber I know you don't know me very well but I really like you. Your amazing dreamy green eyes are so easy to get lost In and your hair is amazing. Your body looks great and your personality is just WOW I don't know what you'll say but will you go out with me?"

I stared at him blankly but then smiled and nodded. I was just about to kiss him when he said "I'm going to check on boobear" and got up and left. I started playing with the sand until I saw Harry walk back. His eyes were red and puffy and he was silently sobbing. I put my head on the crook of his neck. After a couple of minutes I lifted up my head and leaned in. He did the same and we were kissing passionately for ages. We were interrupted by a blood curdling scream. Impending and Harry exchanged glances before shouting "BOOBEAR" and running over to where we heard him scream. 

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