The crash (one direction)

Nixie and amber were on there way to Australia when there plane takes a unexpected crash. However one direction were on the same plane.... Harry and Niall takes a liking for nixie and amber but will it be too late?


6. Lies

  Nialls pov

      I looked at harry whilst he held louis's hand. I must of shown that those stupid red berries done something to me because harry stared at me but i tried to act again. Ever since i ate those berries something has been happening. But they didnt need to know that. Harry and lou are more important. When we went over to lou and the panther was there i felt dizzy, like REALLY dizzy. I had to sneak away and take a few breaths before creeping back. I dont think anyone noticed. I felt really hot all the time and i started to sweat. After a couple of minutes lou was starting to stop crying. This time liam looked at me.. GREAT i thought, note my sarcasm  "Niall mate you look ill are you alright?" Liam questioned. I thought to myself dont tell him he doesn't need to worry about you his got better things to do. 

"Yeah im fine so what should we do now?" i answered but my head started to spin. dam you head cant you wait till they started going. 

"Are you sure niall you look like your about to faint any minute" nixie agreed with liam. I couldnt stand lying to her but i had to.

"Im fine just got a head ache thats all" i replied trying to keep my cool and stop my head from spining. They all nodded but i had a feeling no body believed me. Louis started to sit up clutching his chest were the three claw marks were... wait what how could they go that quickly!? Oh thats right she put that medicine on it ahh i got it now. I started to stand up but that made my head worse. Zayn quickly came behind me and said " i know your lying mate im not dumb i promise i wont tell the others" damn i must be a pretty bad actor :L 

"Well you must be pretty dumb as NOTHINGS wrong why dont any one get that if i say NOTHINGS wrong then NOTHING is wrong god seriously guys leave me alone" i shouted. Everyone stared at me because i never shouted like that. Dam you berries again doing something to me. Before anyone could answer i started to walk away and sit on a rough looking rock. Nixie suddenly appeared in the middle of the ocean drowning.. "NIXIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE?!" i shouted squinting my eyes a little. 

"Niall, NIall,NIAll,NIALL" nixie screamed.

"HANG ON NIXIE IM COMING" before i could do anything nixie and zayn were holding me back. wait nixie?! 

"Nixie what the hell are you doing here?!" i snapped at her.

"I've been sitting next to lou for the past 10 mins whilst you stormed over here!" she replied calmly. OH MY GOD these stupid berries are now making me hallucinate. UGH well one things for sure im never eating another berry EVER again. "Niall me and zayn defo know somethings wrong im not sure about the rest of the boys but you cant fool us" I gave up.

"You know what nixie your right something isent right, ever since i..." i stopped before i could throw up. AAh there goes my head again making me feel like im on a never ending carousel.. And then there goes my legs... berrys-1 Niall-0


                        Louis pov

     So here i am on the floor being treated after what the big black thing done to me. I screamed in pain as nixie chucked some liquid stuff at my chest. It felt like my chest was on fire. I wanted to close my eyes but i didnt want to. That big back lion thingie would haunt me. I kept screaming in pain but was still listening to there conversation. It was something about nialler. I knew he would lie if he had something wrong with him because he puts everyone before him. For all i know he could be poisoned but he wouldn't show it. After what felt like forever my chest finally started to calm down the fire pain was low and manageable.. thank god! I turned to face the boys. Well when i say boys i was thinking all of them but instead there was only four people there. Hazza,Liam,Amber and nixie. I was just about to say something when Zayn came over to nixie and she nodded her head. A few moments after i heard Niall scream nixies name. I was confused.. so was liam,harry and amber. Before Zayn and Nixie ran over to niall nixie ran over to the big black thing I gasped and started to move backwards infear

"Its alright boo bear his actually quite nice" Liam reassured me i ndded and asked "What wrong with niall?!". 

"His been acting weird. He also looks really ill. Pale face,mood swings,sweaty and he also looks dizzy but his trying to hide it" Harry spoke before continuing to rub circles on my hand. He relaxed me, made me feel loved. I loved him. Before you say anything NO we are not gay i love him as a brother. He loves Amber and i love Eleanor. I was interrupted by niall walking past us storming away with nixie and zayn behind him. That was weird. "HEY ZAYN WAS UP WITH NIALL?" i shouted.

"Dont worry i'll explain later can you guys find shelter and meet us back here as soon as the suns set?" he relied. I nodded and left him chasing after niall. Somethings up...


                                  Zayns pov 

   After niall said that he wasnt alright he stopped and suddenly fell over. I ran over to him with nixie. He had his head in his hands so we coudnt see his expressions. "Niall what happened there?" nixie asked. I could just imagine what was running through his head.. wether or not to tell us or not. He took his head out of his hands and tried to stand up. I helped him a bit but he just pushed me away. Nixie whispered something in his ear and he shook his head. She properly asked if he was ill. I really felt sorry for him. He never wanted any of this. I still couldnt figure out what was wrong with him. "Nialler mate are you sure your alright?" i asked. 

"WELL ZAYN YOU HAVE ASKED ME ALL THESE QUESTIONS WHEN I ONLY HAVE ONE ANSWER IVE ALREADY TOLD YOU THAT IM FINE BUT EVERYONE HAS GONE AND SAID THAT IM NOT! LEAVE ME ALONE" and with that he stormed away. Oh god that made me feel worse! I chased after him with nixie. On our way louis shouted "HEY ZAYN WAS UP WITH NIALL?" i simply said "Dont worry i'll explain later can you guys find shelter and meet us back here as soon as the sun sets?" lou nodded and i ran back over to niall. When i was out of everyones view but nixies i turned him around and stared into his eyes... Something was up. He was really not the funny niall we all knew. "What do you want zayn" he hissed. 

"Look i know you wont tell me but im not going to give up i KNOW somethings up as your eyes are distant from everything. You even yelled at nixie, my niall wouldnt do that to the person he loved. If you just tell me what you feel and how you think you got it you would feel much better" i replied keeping my cool. He looked sad as he said "I've been lying zayn"

"Well if you tell me mate we can figure it out" i reassured him.

"The berrys thats whats done this. I felt dizzy,sick,hot,mood swings and my legs seem to give way every so often. Zayn i dont like it" he looked at the ground. I lifted up his head and said "Wasnt that hard was it nialler?" and with that he smiled and hugged me. Lies dont help anyone!




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