The crash (one direction)

Nixie and amber were on there way to Australia when there plane takes a unexpected crash. However one direction were on the same plane.... Harry and Niall takes a liking for nixie and amber but will it be too late?


9. Having fun.

Harrys pov.

I was the first to wake up! Thats a first. I guess its just from everything thats happened... Oh well!! I'M GONNA WAKE UP AMBER! Oh myy she looks so cute sleeping! Her face looks like a angel fallen from heaven <3 I slightly tap her on the shoulder. 

"Amber, baby wake up im bored" I whisper in her ear.

She starts to stir in her sleep.

"I'll give you a kiss if you wake up" I whisper in her ear again.

That got her up. She jumps up and sits on my lap.

"Hey baby girl how was your sleep?" I question. 

She mumbles a reply onto my shoulder. I gave out a chuckle.

"I love you bubba" I say.

"I love you too harry" She replies.



I know i know that was mega short but i want to do my other fanfic called Hotel Of The Devil!! Im having a MAJOR writers block on this and i would realllllyyyyy like someone to co-author this! If you do want to then kik me (Xsome_XdirectionerX) I wont be updating this until i have someone to co-author this so yeah! BUUEEE BYEEE

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