its 2014. over the past two years an overpowering controllling cult has taken over the govermant. they are know as the MAFIA. citys ,towns and neighborhoods even countries have been forced under the cruel ruels of the mafia. an uprising begins.war starts. catriella , a 19 year old girl fighting to survive the brutal war. meets harry styles. an unlikely friendship blossoms but will that friendship turn into love?, the main question is, will they survive?


1. the mafia

"GET DOWN NOW!" i heard my mother yell. i fell to the cold hard floor as windows shattered and cries of terror errupted. i watched everything happen as if it was playing in slow motion. first there was a gush of wind then glass flew everywhere, the ground shook. smoke filled the air making it hard to breathe and flaims where visable in the distance. it took me a few seconds to contemplait everything. i shot up ran to my mother who was lying unconcious on  the floor.

"god dammit!" i heard myself mutter i ran outside into the road. a mother holding her baby walked across the road, a look of fear across her face. children cried, most of the houses whernt even houses anymore , just rubble. i ran as fast as i could to the center of town. i looked to my right and saw mafia soldiers around the middle school. some f them lead studets in single file lines into trucks. i tried to push through them but obviously being the idiotic jerks they are, didnt let me go .

"i need to get to my little sister, please just let me get her" i begged

"i can assure you miss......catriella that your sister is ok" one of the gaurds said looking down at my name tag sewn to my shirt. since the mafia took charge every person under their rule was required to wear a nam tag which stated their name and compund number, mine being #37.

"please" i continued to beg.

"under no circumstances are we allowed you to get your sister," he shot back.

"can you at least tell me where theyre taking the kids"

"to the mafia training center"

"what did you just say"

"they are taking the kids to the mafia trai-" i cut him off

"that was a rehtoricial question you dumb whitted pea brain" i snapped.

shit.shit.shit.shit.shit.shit.shit.shit.shit.shit.shit.shit.shit. i should not have just said that . i could get arrested.

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